My first bobba fett helmet paint up with Archive-X paints


New Hunter
Hi all
Long time lurker and first time posting, I’m usually a Vader guy from the sister site RPF,
Been on here a while and I must say the information and the knowledge is phenomenal.
The reason I’m posting is as follows…..

Long story (ish)
Beginning of 2020 I was renovating a house with other tradesmen, we all got talking and they got interested in my prop building history and 3d printing,
The roofer ( can’t remember his real name and from the south ) they all called him Bernie and his apprentice was nicknamed snorbitch ( he wasn’t the best looker in the world )
The relevance to the names was a throwback to an 80s UK tv personality ( Bernie Winters ) who had a dog called Snorbitch
The took the mick out of my Lancashire accent and he said ( he wants a good un ) he said ( a right good un )
Not that I knew much about bobba fetts helmets I told him to search the internet to find me a STL file so I could print it for him and he would have to paint it up himself as I didn’t have time to paint.
A few days later he came back with a file, he said it’s a pp3, any good ? !!! My reply “don’t know but I will print it for you “
It really Meant nothing to me, we agreed on filament price and off we popped our separate ways
A couple of weeks later I printed the helmet tried to contact Bernie no response, many months later no response no phone it’s now dead.
I wanted my filament money!!
The helmet sat in my cupboard for over 2 years

So now I’ve decided to finish it for myself
I’ve done lots of filling, rubbing and cleaning up the 3d print
The print was not so good at the rear vents and the Casio board looked terrible so I cut it out and started to reshape the rear vent

I’m not sure on the paint scheme as yet or what damage to include on the actual print
I’m open to advise and opinions

Also as I don’t have the original file anymore I couldn’t get reference to the ears or the range finder, as I remember they weren’t included with the helmet
So off to thingyverse, they had so many different options that didn’t fit this helmet,
I used many different variations while using S3D to knock up some to fit the helmet

I will be using Archive X paints as all the reading up I’ve done they seem to have a good match for the colours I might need, I usually use Vallejo model paints but really didn’t want the hassle of converting all the separate colours

So sorry for the long story,

this is what I’m up to
Well !
I can’t believe how busy I got with real life stuff
Arthritis in my hands getting worse and work just got so so busy
Had to finish a couple of other projects off first
Still got my mando helmet to finish and stupidly started another project I had commissioned ages ago that finally came back to me
Bicentennial man costume, but that’s another build on the RPF later

Back to bobba
I’ve had a aluminium stalk made (no central hole for wires)
Finished up the vent holes
Just working on the damage
I also found the correct chin strap on an old riding helmet

And a quick shot of my 3d printed bicentennial man head ( WIP)

Having another vacation/ holiday
Back to Tenerife for 2 weeks
Well a man needs his rest
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