1. B

    Boba Fett ESB

    I just finished the paint up of this. I'm aware of minor deviations, but it was painted using Rafal Fett paint stencils. Just need to install a lens. I painted this for a collector. They weren't going for approval or anything, however, other than minor paint tweaks, would this pass for basic...
  2. Frogfreak

    Anybody got a metal mauser replica under $40?

    The title says it all. I'm wanting an accurate metal mauser under $40 wether it be denix or something else I just need help! I'm wanting to do an ESB Han solo DL-44.
  3. Hellhounds

    For Sale Rubber Toe Spikes

    Hey everyone, I posted an introduction today to reintroduce myself. If you get a chance go head and check it out. I’m going to be providing Rubber parts, accessories, blasters and more in the near future but am starting off with Toe Spikes. These sets are flexible and durable but also come...
  4. Mugatu

    Blaster Hirschmann LMK/AM Aerial Earth Plug VS. Hirschmann UKW/FM Aerial Earth Plug

    FOR POSTERITY I have included this side by side comparison of two Hirschmann brand Connectors/Plugs used as greeblies on the EE-3 Carbine from ESB, as well as used on other SW props including the neck seal of the Darth Vader reveal helmet: LMK/AM UKW/FM External View Comparison Internal...
  5. Tom Walker

    ESB Boba Fett Helmet - Scratch Build WIP

    Hello everyone! I’m fairly new to the forum, but have found it to be a wealth of knowledge! I’m building an ESB Boba Fett helmet. I’ve decided to go down the scratch building method, as I like a challenge. Only after I started and spent some time on here, I realised how many little details and...
  6. Mugatu

    For Sale Real Found Part MANU-ARM 4X20 SCOPE with TALL FEET

    Hello. I am selling this Real Found Part MANU-ARM 4X20 SCOPE with CORRECT tall feet. $317.00 USD shipped in the US. I will ship internationally for an additional $20USD. I accept Paypal. Thank you.
  7. wolverine

    How to make boba fett esb runner

    Hello everyone and thanks, thanks for sharing and helping us make our cosplays come true. I greet you from Spain and if you do not speak English, everything is translated by Google, I'm sorry if something is not understood correctly. I'm creating a cosplay of bob fett esb runner for a Christmas...
  8. Big Game

    Big Games First ESB Fett wip

    Hey there everyone! This will be my first thread detailing my build for an ESB Fett. I’m sure it’s gonna be a slow build as I work in the film industry which consistently requires long hours and sometimes weekends. On top of that my wife who supports me doing this but will also want my attention...
  9. boba87fett

    Boba87Fett's 1st Build: FPH II ESB by WastedFett

    Hi everyone! First and foremost thank you for creating such an amazing site packed with more details and build threads than I could have imagined. It is truly amazing stuff. My name is Steven and I am a long time Boba Fett enthusiast and Star Wars fan from the Bay Area. I am new to TDH and...
  10. JReevy

    Vest Flak Vest prep & wookie braid attachment method

    I thought I would share how I prepped my vest and attached the wookie braids - pictured is a BatNinja vest. The initial steps aren't captured in photos, but here is what I did to prep: I put the vest on a mannequin and placed my collar/backplate armor where I want it to rest and then with a...
  11. Cadet

    ESB EE-3 Sling Ring Hardware

    Making my way through my list of upgrades for my ESB, I have gotten to The addition of the sling to my EE-3. My blaster did not come with a sling or even the ring mounting hardware for the sling. What have you guys used for the ring mounting hardware for your Slings? Is there a commercially...
  12. SeaMarshall

    Sea Marshall: ESB Fett WIP

    Greetings TDH Community. I've decided to put together an ESB Fett and have collected a number of items over several months and plan to knock out a lot of the build in what little free time that I have. I have already begun, but the progress has been slow. I aim to pick up the pace and hopefully...
  13. TehEl1te

    Need help finding a good torso mannequin

    Hey guys... so I am on the hunt for a torso mannequin to display a bust of Fett. Ideally the belt and up. The catch for me is the jetpack. Does anyone have any good ideas for a bust style mannequin that can support a jetpack? I can find plenty of torsos but I was wondering if any of you do...
  14. Fettastic

    Jet Pack Boba Fett ESB JetPack Paintup for GCNgamer128

    Hey Team, Just thought I'd share the results of my latest JetPack paintup for Andy's ESB Boba Fett. And I still need to paint the little squares black next to the red piano keys.