1. TKOK

    For Sale ESB Jetpack

    I bought this jetpack at the beginning of building my ESB Fett. Once I got everything put together, I realized that it looked a little small for my frame (I'm 6'). This is a great budget, 3D printed jetpack. Asking $225 shipped.
  2. RafalFett

    Boba Fett ESB Helmet Ultra Stencils

    Five months in the making and now I can call these done. Let me know if you see some errors or misplaced scratches. There are color variations on most areas, mostly because one of the main colors was painted over an existing color (some of these are touch-ups to hide or tone down the silver...
  3. roger12RAMJET

    For Sale ESB Hero Armour Fettpride -SOLD

    For sale Fettpride ESB Hero Armour. This set was from Minutefett. Painted with Archive-X Enamels. Jaster’s Feather and Mythosaur are painted on too using Funkyred’s stencils. Pictured here on Bobamaker’s vest (not included). The BM vest and other first 3 pics are in natural light and the...
  4. Short4ATrooper

    Minutefett ESB Restored paint up

    Just received my MinuteFett ESB helmet. Lovely kit, I went for the metal ears too. this’ll be my second paint job and will form part of my ESB build so will be looking for 501 clearance. My first one was on a 3D printed helmet in prep for this one and you can see that HERE.
  5. stryker181

    ESB High Poly count STL files ESB Sidearm

    In getting into resin printing I realised that higher poly files are easier for post processing of the prints. As I had already downloaded and FDM printed Rafalfett's files I knew that this would be a great place to start. My adventure to date has been to modify these files so that they can be...
  6. Short4ATrooper

    Just how inaccurate is this helmet?

    Picked this 3D printed helmet up from Etsy, relatively cheap for a practice run ahead of my Bobamaker ESB lid on order. I’m just wondering if someone who knows what to look for can tell me how inaccurate this one is? I’m sure it’s not right but I’m curious how much. I know Raf’s templates need...
  7. Deancfh

    ESB Left Ear Color Possibility

    Hello All, This is my first post here and I am excited to be a part of this community which has helped me so much. I recently purchased the Archive X ESB set which does not include the left ear color. Through research, I think I found a potential substitute for which I would like feedback. The...
  8. NerdWithASuit

    What were the original Boba Fett gauntlet rockets made of?

    So, this one is something I am interested in making what I view as a canon ESB to RotJ Boba Fett costume where he still has his holster and blaster from ESB, but he recently got his armor repainted and some of his stuff modded ala the new gauntlets and recolors in RotJ. So for that I must ask...
  9. RafalFett

    Boba Fett ESB Helmet Ultimate Stencils

    The time have come to post my updated stencils. These were modified and updated to fit the 2nd gen helmets, but will work with gen 3, 4 and/or 5. The files are now fully vectorized, but sadly are not perfect, because I don't have the time and patience to redraw the stencils. Most of the major...
  10. CamsJuthas

    Starting ESB Boba Fett - WIP

    Hello guys, its Richard from germany. Im already member of the 501st legion german garrison with an anh staff officer and a rotj vader. So its time to complete the original trilogy with an esb costume. I love iconic character so it should be the ESB Boba Fett. And i want it approvable fort he...
  11. Mannylu305

    ESB EE-3 Blaster scope

    Hello fellow hunters. I’m in the process of building my ESB EE-3 blaster, but I’m trying to figure out which scope would work best. I found one in Amazon and would like your feedback on it.
  12. megcal

    Boba Fett ESB Build Thread- M finally gets to work on Boba

    Hello Fetts! I went to my first in person 501st troop yesterday and I thought yea it's time to get back to work on ESB Boba.... Backstory: I submitted my first draft of ESB Boba back in April and got a google doc of feedback. I haven't been motivated to work after starting a new job and working...
  13. JoeVader

    My ESB Boba Fett helmet paint job

    Hey guys! I just received this fantastic kit from ToEleven, and I intend to give it a good, detailed ESB paint job and finish. I want it for display at home, as part of my collection. I'm very comfortable using spray cans to paint, so am wondering if I colud use those on the base colors: like...
  14. Deja Fett

    ESB Fett Helmet Painted w/ Mando Color Palette

    Very excited to finally share this project here. I do a lot of what I call, "What If" paint jobs on existed Star Wars Helmets. Canon Helmets reimagined with a different take on what could have been. This is a ESB Fett done with the color palette of The Mandalorian, but staying true to the damage...
  15. Frogfreak

    Boba fett helmet build and paint

    Hey guys not sure if it's a bit late, but i've been building my own Boba Fett helmet based on RafalFett's Amazing patterns! Slightly modifying as i was going though to accurize it a bit more. I've started bondo-ing it already, but still have a lot more sanding and filling to go... And i've also...
  16. FamousFett

    Boba Fett ROTJ SE by FamousFett for razzfett

    Back again with another ROTJ SE, this is a commission for razzfett! I started this the other day right after finishing my ROTJ helmet so here is the progress so far. This helmet will have a lot more layering than my previous one so that's exciting! This is a Raw ESB helmet so that means it has...
  17. AlphaCloneFett

    ESB Boba Fett Build

  18. FamousFett

    FamousFett's FPH2 ESB Hero paint up

    This is my first helmet paint up, Been working on this for about 5 days now, I was going to post all of the progress when I was finished but I figured I might as well share it now, you can follow my progress on my instagram account too. I dont have the materials to do the stencil method but now...
  19. FamousFett

    ESB Jetpack Build/Paint up

    Just finished my jetpack build yesterday. I still need to get a micro dental file for it but other than that I'd say this is finished, I might add some more light weathering as well. Little edit, I made the jetpack a little lighter and added more rust stains to the thrusters
  20. boba87fett

    Elstree Precision Co Ltd Hero Metal Ears Project

    Hi everyone, After the launch of the MFHero helmet, it became evident that we were going to need a new set of metal ears. I reached out to someone with a history of making metal ears for Boba Fett helmets on April 2nd. I wanted to offer something special to the TDH community because of the...
  21. Krewkid82

    krewkid82's ESB W.I.P./501st shenanigans(BH-42090)

    Hello TDH, This post will be about me and my journey to becoming a Fett. I will be documenting my first W.I.P. for an entry level ESB Boba Fett. I plan to join the ranks of the 501st Legion and then slowly progress to a higher ranking level Fett later on down the road. I’ve been researching...
  22. Tom Walker

    ESB Boba Fett - Scratch Build (Pic Heavy!!!)

    Hi All! I recently scratch built a Boba Fett helmet... ...and it has progressed into building a full costume. I am building it to be moulded and cast, but in a way in which it can be converted into a Jango Fett variant as well. I have started a separate thread for the Jango variant here...
  23. Jedinate10

    JediNate10’s Official ESB Boba Fett Build Thread

    Hey, guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here. But I’m happy to say that I’ve begun my new ESB Boba Fett build! I’ve been planning this one out in my head for years and years, and I’m super excited to get it going finally. Last time I suited up as Boba was 2014, which was also the last...
  24. B

    Boba Fett ESB

    I just finished the paint up of this. I'm aware of minor deviations, but it was painted using Rafal Fett paint stencils. Just need to install a lens. I painted this for a collector. They weren't going for approval or anything, however, other than minor paint tweaks, would this pass for basic...
  25. Frogfreak

    Anybody got a metal mauser replica under $40?

    The title says it all. I'm wanting an accurate metal mauser under $40 wether it be denix or something else I just need help! I'm wanting to do an ESB Han solo DL-44.