Minutefett ESB Restored paint up

Hello all - I'm back!

Been away from all this for along time - we had the wedding, which all went off superbly well, then the honeymoon and then some other life stuff that has just taken up all of my time but I'm slowly getting back into it.

I would not recommend that anyone takes 8 months away from a Boba paint job! It's really difficult to pick up where you left off but I've made a start on the ears. They're the metal ones from MF which are lovely and weighty to hold, dimensions are near perfect with only minor tweaks to Raf's templates needed. I'll post current pictures when I get home but I have the red damage on the left ear done, grey #28 applied and need to begin marking out the areas for grey damage next.

The only issue I've had so far is that the paint chips on them SUPER easy. I prepped the metal as best as I could beforehand - giving everything a light sanding and a rub with acetone but I still have to handle them very carefully.

Anyway, it's good to be back!

Edit: Just realised, I didn't use any primer on the metal ears. Worth soldiering on or starting again?
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Edit edit: I’ve decided to start the ear again, strip what I’ve done so far and get some etching primer down before restarting. Not a huge set back, worth doing right. I needed the airbrushing practice anyway!
etch primer applied. I may sand this back a little once it’s dry

I got the red down on the left ear…then decided I wasn’t happy with how the stencil transferred. I used carbon paper but I very rarely get good results with it unless it’s a large area with relatively simple patterns. For smaller areas with more intricate stencils, I prefer to do the reverse-trace-transfer thing.

So, I sanded the ear back to the primer, gave it another coat of primer and started again. I’ve now got the red and grey layers on and the grey damage is masked off ready for the green to go on tomorrow.



Got the white arch on to the left ear. Not super happy with it but the alternative is to completely strip and start again which I am not doing!

I spent a long time trying to decide how to do it. Draw it manually and paint by hand? Stencil?

In the end, I went the stencil route. I have some really great stuff called re-mount (SUPER expensive though, like £25 a can) which makes stuff sticky enough to stay put but is reposition-able and doesn’t leave a residue. I use it for keeping all my patterns in place.

Anyway, it did the trick. I’ve also gone in and done some finer detail.


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But what I would do honestly is get both and get a sample of the two and go which one you like more. 93 is what I used on my first helmet and it does look good.
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