Marrow Sun or SkyGunBro

So I have heard. Im building my sandtrooper right now and am close to haing it complete thanks to the guys in the 104th MFP. Then its time to start on my Fett armor.
I hear a lot of argument to go for the premium helmet first time around. With out a doubt MS is the one if your looking for local stuff but I found that I am learning so much from my first helmet (A SGB) that I want to get another to paint when I am done. If you are having somebody else paint your helmet for you then by all means go no-holds-barred and get a MS... throw in the MQ-1 circuit to the back, throw on a accurate RF with aluminum stalk and LEDs! But this is something that can be built up to if your a do it your selfer.
Marrow Sun is a guy with a very good rep, and you are not going to get screwed in anyway buying his helmet. Its nice quality and has alot of statisfied customers. Personally I have a SKYGUNBRO, and he is great to work with, I am big fan. His work is clean and his customer service is top notch. SGB is a great resource to have around too.
I have heard great things about both guys, would like to talk to them once they get online to the forum. Ive painted one helmet myself so far but want a professional job for my trooping gear.
With a little work, the SGB helmet can turn out pretty nice. Here's a SGB I sold on eBay right before Christmas. It took a little resculpting around the dent and some minor work to the angle of the vanes behind the 'ears' (the MS helmet has the same innacuracy regarding the vanes) but nothing someone with moderate modeling skills couldn't handle.

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