Satin or Matte finish?

I’m curious, does anyone know if the ESB and RotJ Fett helmets/armor pieces were matte or satin finish? I took a look at the best shots of the helmets and they look fairly matte to me. Especially RotJ outdoors in the sun.
I notice some of the miscellaneous The Mandalorian helmets seem to be satin finish. Could be lighting, though.

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I am planning on finishing my paintjob with a matte finish, partly because of preference for matte and partly because it always looks like there is zero light bouncing off of that paintjob.


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It’s neither Matte nor Satin.
The original Floquil paints used have an oil base in them that ends up giving the finish an “oily sheen” to it as best describes it. And it actually seems to tend to get more oily looking over time.

I wouldn’t exactly call it professional, but once im done spraying and sealing everything, if I want that “oily” look ill sometimes take a old rag from the gunsafe that has some residual BreakFree CLP on it and wipe the whole piece down very lightly; the finish tends to absorb it into it and will retain that look.
Archive X looks like it might have replicated it pretty perfectly, however I haven’t played with it yet to see in person
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