ESB Boba WIP - Sintra Armor, Painting, Scratch building

Aaand so it begins! My second boba helmet paint up has officially begun.


Started the back panels. I stenciled the larger shapes then I’ll go back in with a brush to finetune the shapes and add the smaller details. The only place I’ve done that with so far is the lower right corner.

Left panel super close to being done... a couple of more detailing spots left then I’ll move on to the big scrape on the right panel.


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Decided to delay finishing the big scrape and started working on the dome instead! Just to not get bored painting the same place to long.

The archive X acrylics are definitely much better quality paints then the stuff I’m used to using.

Getting closer each day! Still loads of painting to do but the basic airbrushing is pretty much complete. Now just brush work. Had some peeling on the left cheek hoping it’s an easy fix... otherwise I’ll just fill it in with a brush and live withit..... atleast until i decide to sand that spot and paint it again.




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No joke... i know it shouldn’t be but in my experience this has been by far the most difficult part of this build i probably reshaped the visor like 15 times to get it to sit right and had to install the screws two times cuz i got impatient... but it’s done and installed. Also got the lower part of the left mandible fully painted.


That’s one thing I didn’t have to worry about with Boba Makers VX helmet. The solution was already there. I am however gonna have to do it with my ‘95 Don Post that I’m modifying. Yours looks great though!

That’s one thing I didn’t have to worry about with Boba Makers VX helmet. The solution was already there. I am however gonna have to do it with my ‘95 Don Post that I’m modifying. Yours looks great though!

Yeah the fugly kit is just raw so you have to do all the cutting, sanding and assembling yourself. Glad that it was that way though because i got to learn how to do it along the way :) And thanks man, appreciate it!
No big updates but the front “redface” is finished. Took a break from painting since the and had to do some major surgery on the right upper ear and cap. Sanded top much off it when i got it first so i had to build it up a bit again with epoxy putty but more on that later. I wired up the rangefinder and took a couple of pics. The green shifts alot in different lighting.




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Made some progress on the band. Nearing the finish point on the whole lower part of the helmet. Then on to the dome!



And here’s one more front pic that i liked
Great paint job and nicely done sir! Defintely worthy of a David Neth ESB Helmet Stand!
:cool: ;) (y)

See the Cargo Hold for his helmet stand sales (Search: Hand Welded Stainless Steel Helmet Stands). I got a ROTJ one and they are pretty great!

Again, great paint Job!

Wow, that turned out well! Also, from what I can tell, youve got a pretty good interiour style :) Will you keep your helmet permanently on the turntable? :D
Not quite finished but thank you very much :D Well that would be a good spot but it's gonna be displayed along with the suit :)
Decided to try and make a divers buckle out of Sintra. Ordered some Moltov chrome gonna paint it with that and see how it turns out. Not very functional but thinking i can make it work somehow.

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