What needs to be done to a DP 95 helmet to make it accurate?

Hey everyone,

I finally got my hands on 2 of the Don Post 95's (with the white interior), and I would like some guidance on how to convert them to something much more movie-accurate.

Can someone tell me what is "wrong" with the DP95 as opposed to the film helmets? I know it needs to be flared out more, but anything else?

Thanks in advance for any help.

I don't think it's really possible to turn it into a "movie accurate" helmet. The most insurmountable obstacle is that it's too small. However, I think you can turn it into something that looks good, especially if you're not that big a person yourself.

1. You've got to fix any warp it's got, replace the visor and repaint the whole thing.

2. Many people get a replacement rangefinder that has lights in it. Your rangefinder may be made of solid resin, in which case you'll probably want to find someone who has a hollow aluminum one.

3. There are different ways to make it so it fits on your head. You can use padding, foam, or a hardhat liner. I used padding that goes inside football helmets. I bought one set of pads and had enough to do my scout and my Fett helmet. But...I might have to change that, as I cut my hair and no longer have to fit tons of hair inside the helmet. Most guys seem to go with hardhat liners.

4. Some people also change the ear pieces to some fan made ones that look better.

5. Decals or painted details in various places on the helmet.

I'm sure I missed some stuff.
Toooo many things. LoL.
Here is pic (not to scale) of the film helmet next to a white interior 95:


The size is too small and the shape is wrong. The dome is wrong. The visor area is wrong. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Short of what Natty did to his helmet(well he used a 95 as a base for his helmet), there really isn't much that can be done to make it movie accurate. You can replace the visor, add some flare, replace the range-finder earpiece cover and the stalk, give it a good paint-job, ect... It won't be movie accurate, but the 95 is really the best of the bunch of DP's helmets if you want something that gives a cheap, but respectable alternative.
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I too have a DP95, but due to the amount of money I have already spent, I am going to wait till everything else is perfect so then I can say...

(whinning tone) "But honey...I just gotta get a new helmet!!! PLEASE!!!!

See if that works. lol!!!

Until then, just make due the best you possibly can. If u have a DP, than try to make it the best damn DP that is out there, until you can get a new one.
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I was planning on getting a 95 DP, but I finally bit the bullet and bought a FG helmet from Ebay...If anyone has been watching the auctions lately, this one is supposedly NOT a recast, but a fan made version based off the Altman's armorers helmet from Australia. We'll see how good it actually looks once I get it.

Jedi-Bob, what a great gig our wives have huh?
Hey Gwizah,

Do you have a pic of the helmet from the E-bay auction? I wouldn't mind taking a look at it to see what its origin is...

You can post/pm/e-mail, ect.... :D
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Just take a look of the photo I posted of the ESB helmet, and compare it to the helmet shown in auction.

In the end, all that matters is if you like and can live with the helmet.
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