The final few stages of my helmet. Home stretch! Woo!

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Almost done... almost done!

This was the helmet last night, when I'd masked off the greens and blues, and sprayed the first coat of the red trim.


( ^Click for big. )

I was actually getting somewhat worried at this point, as NONE of the colours looked right to me!
I was hoping that it was just a case of me being so close to the thing for so much time that I was trying to see perfection where there was none...
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Here's the bucket earlier this morning, with me in the process of removing the mustard and masking tape.


( As always... ^ Click for big. )
Small hint - When mixing mustard for a mask, it seems to come off a LOT more easilly of the small sections are very thin - but the bigger sections are a good few mm thick.
Either way, you should be OK so long as when you did your silver layer, you put at least 2 or 3 layers of clearcoat over the top.
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Here's the helmet as it is just now ( Saturday afternoon. )
I've removed all the masking, and lightly sanded the whole thing. All of the edges have had an extra special sandin' for that real lived in look ;)


To Do list:
  • Work a little on the edges of some of the "scrapes", and do a little bit of "fill-in" work within the confines of the larger ones.
  • Spray a protective layer of clearcoat.
  • Paint on the "kill-stripes".
  • Acquire and install a visor.
  • Build a rangefinder, and install it + stalk...
  • ... On the right ear, while also installing the left ear.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the green paint I've used on the left ear has reacted with the red coat, though. :S
We'll see...

Oh, and
  • Make and install a cheek piece, and finish off the eyebrow LEDs..

I THINk that's it :)
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reds nice.. but yea..... take that yellow off.. or add some tanish mist to dull it down some.. do the right mixing of mist and you wont have to repaint it all the way.
Almost finished now - I can't remember if I mentioned it elsewhere, but can anyone take a guess as to how I did the RF stalk, if I didn't say before? ;)

As for the stripes on the earpiece - Thin slivers of tape, with lacuer over the top.

The visor's temporarily Milliputted in, so there are gaps :(
Likewise, the RF is Epoxied on. I'll bolt it later...

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slave1pilot said:
Very nice.
What are you using for gauntlets? ;)

I was gonna start a thread about that elsewhere, since I've now got the materials for starting to scratch-build a replacement for the broken flamethrower from metal and plastic tubing :)
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