Boba Fett Re-Armored and Post Sarlacc Helmet


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I recently completed my first attempt at painting The Mandalorian Season 2 Boba Fett Helmet.

Here are my results.





For my first attempt, I am satified with it. On the next one, I am going to play around with a few more different shading options. But on this one, here is my paintlist:

Dome/Cheeks: Montana Black Storm Green
Upper Cheeks: Tamiya Sea Blue
Mandibles: Mix of Vallejo Air Hull Red & Fire Red
Back Panel: Rustoleum Hunt Green
Right Ear: Tamiya Tan Spray
Left Ear: Mix of Vallejo Air Olive & Green/Grey
Weathing of light & Medium Greys with Burnt Umber

As for the texture. It was a mess to begin. I started off with the 3M -77 as some people were using and it was a disaster.

Although the texture pattern was good. It took forever to dry and not have a sticky feel. Finally when it dried and I added a layer of paint and I attempted to sand an area, I discovered that the glue, did not dry hard and it peeled easily. See next photo.

Needless to say, that sucked! So I stripped it and started over trying different texture paints and spot putty etc. Below are images of the type of sprays I tested.

IMG_9151.jpg IMG_9152.jpg

The multi texture leaves a sandy look. Which I guess goes well with the sarlacc and desert
The hammered paint looks okay, but not enough texture and it easily gets covered up with other paints.

However, I narrowed it down to 2 sprays for cars.
1st is SEM texture coating, which is used for creating textures on bumpers. I really liked this for the Re-Armored Helmet where there does not appear to be heavy texutre as in the Post Sarlacc. However, the more you add, the more texture you can layer on. It was very similiar to the texture the 3M left, but slightly smaller.


Last is the Rustoleum Rugged Black. The spray pattern is much more textured and on par with what you see in the post Sarlacc version.


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The next helmet I will give a go at, is the post Sarlacc version.

Here are a few screen shots I grabbed.

boba32.jpg bobafresh30.jpg cobb3.jpg bobafresh36.jpg bobafresh31.jpg bobafresh35.jpg bobafresh34.jpg

To avoid getting overwhelmed by this beast, Iv decided to tackle this helmet in sections. The first I am tackling is the dome.
IMG_9138.jpg IMG_9140.jpg IMG_9141.jpg IMG_9139.jpg

Using a combo of the Rugged Black and SEM texture paint, I added my layer of texture.




That is a very interesting effort and also a simple solution to get something approximating the "overpsrayed post Sarlacc paint" effect. Quite inventive!

PS: What helmet cast is this?
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After the black textured paint dried, I layed down a coat of silver base and added some more masking. For the helmet get the speckle damge, I used the salt wearthing technique. A tip that I got from Tim H. This technique really saved time from putting in a million tiny brush tip marks. The salt weathering also gave a random weathering effect, which I just added and cleaned up a bit

. IMG_9161.jpg IMG_9168.jpg IMG_9166.jpg IMG_9165.jpg IMG_9169.jpg IMG_9172.jpg IMG_9194.jpg IMG_9195.jpg

For the base green I used Tamiya Field Grey Spray.



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One step I forgot to really document was the back panels. Very little references on it, expect for the scene at Tython, so I had to use some creative imagination on it. For the color, I used Tamiya Racing Green and plan on dulling it down with grey weathering.

IMG_9237.jpg bobafresh31.jpg bobafresh32.jpg

Continuing with the front, I layed down a mix of Vallejo Dull Red/Fire Red for the mandibles and Tamiya Sea Blue for the upper cheeks.
IMG_9236.jpg IMG_9241.jpg

Next was the time consuming part, painting on the damage in those areas. No easy way around it, just have a good reference screen shot (s) to look at and get to work. For it, I used Vallejo dark grey for the silver damage outline.
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In wrapping this bad boy up, once I got all the damage on the mandibles, I weathered the helmet by airbrushing grey and dark grey washes on it.
IMG_9271.jpg IMG_9272.jpg IMG_9275.jpg

I took one last look, added a few more spot details, clear coated it, added the stalk and called it a day. I am hoping to improve on some of the techniques I tested and tried out on the next one.

1a (2).jpg



2.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg


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