Jango Fett Jr’s MCR hero helmet - ESB Style

Jango Fett Jr

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Following Ord Mantell’s lead I heated up the helmet and widened the base of the helmet about 5mm, and tomorrow I’ll look at opening up the left eye squint ever so slightly. I’ll have to be extra careful because I’ve already painted it, but so far it’s held up fine to heating up the interior until slightly pliable. The visor is just taped until I re-shape it to fit more snug.


These will be be the last of the work bench photos with the wacky mixed lighting (I cooled down the colour temperature in Lightroom). I’ll do a proper photo shoot this weekend once I finish installing all all the interior bits and bobs.

Jango Fett Jr

Well-Known Hunter
Is this your first paintjob? Did you layered the grey or was it topical at the end. I love it.
Thanks! I’ve painted a couple Marrow Sun helmets, the last one being in 2006:

On both that helmet and this one I went with a hybrid of layering and topical, the grey being applied topically.