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I'm still working on chest armor, to find the best way to attach it to the vest. My tailor gave me some good ideas, like using suspenders. I'm afraid the armor can break the vest, so we'll make eyelets. I hope it works!
Now I'm working on helmet and shin parts.
I am starting a Zam build and have been reading LOTS of threads on the forum, it's all a bit overwhelming but very inspiring. I am still at the beginning stages but Mirval your progress looks fantastic! Making me excited about the build. I just wanted to ask where did you get the file for helmet pepakura? I've been trying to put it into search bar on the forum but don't seem to be coming up with much. Would appreciate if you could point me in the right direction, thanks.
You can buy it or create it with the pepakura designer (not the pepakura viewer, it just show files, not make a new proyect!)
At last!! My chest armor is ready:

and after weathering

The back

Hi, I'm still here! Now I'm working on the last pieces: helmet, gauntlets and shin guards. I should say that helmet it's being a nightmare :wacko.
The other pieces are in the right way, but the helmet is so difficult to build!
I'm remaking the gloves, I found some with the same colour than bodysuit fabric (yeah!! incredible!!) and I'm modifying them.
Well, the last effort is being hard...
Yes. If it weren't for the fact that I'm in the middle of moving my household out of the city right now, I'd be pulling out my hair. As it stands, everything I've been in process on is on hold --Kylo Ren, my daughter's Leia Ceremonial gown, my Zam, and Bazine Netal. Bazine and the Leia dresses are pretty far along and won't take too awful much more to be done too.

We're going from a super cramped 2 bedroom home to a 4 bedroom (or 5 if needed) home on about a many acres. The owners are leaving everything-- refrigerators, trampoline, pool. I drew the line on the horse. No horse. Period. Once we're settled in, we'll see about an outside dog and/or cat, and I'm definitely going to have a ferret or two again. But no damned horses. If it's bigger than me and could sit on me and kill me, no way. :) Back to the house, that fifth bedroom is going to be MY sewing room. And we're converting some space into a library for all my wonderful books. I cant wait to get back to finishing up these costumes!
Well, you have a lot of work meanwhile. Gauntlets are hard to build, they took a lot of time for accurate details.

mmm... a room for costumes.... sounds pretty good
Well, you have a lot of work meanwhile. Gauntlets are hard to build, they took a lot of time for accurate details.

mmm... a room for costumes.... sounds pretty good

Yeah, which is why I opted to get them from a maker. They sent me an email yesterday. It said she'd check to see where I am in queue. I've gotten this one a couple of times before, so I'm not holding my breath for another email anytime soon. In their defense, and to try to keep it fair in my head, I try to think about just how many emails they get daily that they've got to respond to...

Yes, a sewing room and it'll have a closet too. I'll use a bit of it for material storage, but mostly to hang up costumes. I think I'll paint that room a nice sunny, cheerful color. My kids and I visited a few hardware store the last couple of days, and I cannot believe just how many little booklets we brought home with paint samples in them! I have to go over them all to see which ones my kids picked out for their rooms. Pretty sure they got a few strange colors!
I'm still here! I've been working this year on helmet, gauntlets and shin guards.
Few time, lot of work, childs... Well, at last I attached the front armor, I built the gauntlets and helmet and now I'm gluing the leather to shin guards.
Helmet and gauntlets need some work, but I can say I'm looking the light at the end of the tunnel. :zam
That is so amazing! When you made the helmet, was it possible to alter the pattern to fit your head, or was it a set pattern? Looking for ways to make the helmet myself, but I'm lost :')
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