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I hope it helps you
Congrats on the prop! :)

It's been slow going for me at this point. The scratch build helmet is especially a slow job, even with the pepakura file base. By the way, I'm getting something in the mail called Alvin Lab-Metal. It's actually a fast drying putty, but thinned down it can be used like paint. I mention this because it'll make the helmet look more authentic with it applied. It actually has metal in it and when buffed, it shines. Least that's the reviews I saw about it. Anyways, just wanted to let you know I'm going to use this and will post my opinion (and pictures) when I get to that point.
After flu and the Back to School, I began to work again in Zam.

Some painting works: tubes, connectors and beads.


The beads and the effect of the sun

Again flu! :(

I've got troubles with helmet and vest, so now my work is slowly because of it. Well, I've finished the central piece, connectors and the brooche. The cummerbund greeblie and ovary bits needs some weathered effect.

Boots are finished too, I used E600 to glue the toecap. I hope it resists!

Doesn't the piece with the rope like part in front need some blue tones? Pretty sure it does.

I agree the flu sucks. I've recently had a nice round of it last week. I'm still getting over it, dang it. I'm down to binoculars and arm gauntlets to do for a finished costume. However, I'm making some changes for this to be more to my height. And I'ev been told my brim may be a bit wide, so I'll be looking into scaling it back a bit.
Hi, I'm working again on helmet and resizing the vest (I don't like some parts), so I'm going back, but I hope this time pieces will be perfect. At the same time, I'm painting the greeblies.

It's the neverending costume :wacko I need a 28 hours day!
Some friends from the Spanish Garrison made a Zamarmor party :love, and I've got some greeblies with the attachments... and the chest armor complete!!!!!!

I just need an idea to fix it to the vest. Snaps? I'm suffering just to think I must make a hole in the fabric.
Snap fastener? Sewed, not with holes (Oh lord, I need some english words that my dictionary doesn´t undestand)
I'm worried about the weight. Maybe something fixed under the hood?
If it helps I can share my ideas and solutions to problems. My leg knife strap keeps slipping, so I've put snaps in the back of my leg fabric to snap to the strap behind in a way the strap hides it. I also placed one to snap on the front directly to the resin knife. We drilled into the resin, used chicago screws with plastic weld to set them firmly. So far, I don't have anything out of place anymore.

As for the chest armor, I'm going to have to shorten my plates next week. I'll have to post how I do that then, as I really don't know where I'll stick snaps at, but yes you do use snaps on the back of the armor onto the vest. Though I'm fairly sure the CRL says to put a fastening to the cummerbund. Honestly, I think you ought to place it where it moves the most. Hope that makes sense.

Thumbs up for the Spanish Garrison for the Zam Armor Party! :love That's some love for ya, Mirval!
I'm still working on my costume. Few time, 2 kids (sometimes I think they are four or five), job... I've got my chest plate finished and my new vest is coming. All greeblies are painted and attached and the helmet is on the right way.
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