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I received my Sci-Fire Chest Display today in the mail, from Clark James. I have never owned or seen any of the other member's displays (like Shackman's, which I know is very highly regarded) so I cannot compare it to anyone else's work. I must say I am impressed with the work of Mr. James. The piece seems constructed well, and includes a plastic housing to protect it. The unit was shipped very quickly, and was packaged well, arriving in an anti-static foil bag, and it includes 3 pages of instructions and information, including templates to cut the slots in the armor. I also like that you can easily switch between the DP display and the ESB display. (Not sure if any of the other displays out there are capable of this.) The one small modification I plan to make before permanently installing it in my armor, is to add a small piece of green welding visor material (left over from cutting out my visor) between the display and the back of the armor. The LEDs are BRIGHT. Adding this piece, in my opinion, dims the lights just enough to where they are still very visible and vibrant, but not hard to look at. (Also, the layer of plastic will protect the inside components of the display from the elements.)
With this being such a new product, I was naturally somewhat skeptical when I ordered the display, but after having received it, I am happy to vouch for Mr. James' work. Overall, it's a solid product.
...I received mine notch from what I could tell...super freindly and professional service...the back cover was a nice touch as is the ability to toggle the display readings...

...I would definitely purchase another once if needed or recommend these displays to anyone in the market for one...


PS Hey C*E*N*O*B*Y*T*E we seem to be getting everything about the same time!...hehehehe!...I will post pics of my helmet in a few days...
PS Hey C*E*N*O*B*Y*T*E we seem to be getting everything about the same time!...hehehehe!...I will post pics of my helmet in a few days...

Yeah, we are. Weird. Is it a Marrow Sun? I've had mine for several months, but I'm just now getting around to finishing it. It's a custom though, not quite ready to start on a Fett yet. I'll post pics when mine is done.
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I did not ask you to send me an advertisement email about your chest lights.

A sure-fire way to get me to NEVER buy one of your products is to send me SPAM. ;)
I have to agree. I can understand if I was on a list of 'interested parties', but I wasn't. And now I definitely not going to be. Very uncool.

I don't appreciate my E-mail being culled for that kind of blantant advertising, especially from someone here at TDH. Ironically, it went directly to my Junk folder.
Dear Fetthunter,

I apologize for the annoyance. I'll remove you from my list immediately. Good luck with your new family member!

Ditto here on the spam mail. Went into my junk folder too.

Really ironic considering it came to me the day I received another board member's lights in my mailbox at home.
My humble apologies to all who were bothered by receiving my email. I am new to your groups and thought you would appreciate knowing about my product.

Therefore, if anyone wishes to be posted about my future products, please let me know, and that will be the list that I use.


I for one was glad to be 'spammed' by Clark. I just recieved my chest display and I can highly reccommend it. I have not seen Shakman's product, so I can't compare it, but this one is supurb! The unit is as professional and perfect as it could be. The instructions are beyond adequate- there is even a suggestion on how you can used 6 AA batteries to stretch the running time from 4 hours (with a 9volt) to 16 hours. Not that I EVER plan on being in my Fett for that long!

Thanks for all your comments. I still have 22 displays left. They're moving, but not real fast. I've had a couple of inquiries regarding customized messages, but none have sold yet. A simple two word message alternating between the first and second words would cost about $20-$30 extra. More elaborate animation tricks (scrolls, spins, flashes, etc.) can cost a bit more.

If you're interested in a custom message, just remember that the l.e.d. displays are base on a figure "8", which limits the letters that can be displayed and how they look. For example, a capital B,K,M,N,R,V,W,X,or Z won't work, as well as lower case f,g,j,k,m,p,q,s,v,w,x,y,or z. Some letters can be cheated but don't look as nice. Of course, all numbers work and are conducive for countdowns, phone numbers, birth dates, and more. Also, some cool graphic patterns can be created.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I'll respond within a day.


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