Pinkflamingos6 ROTJ Build

Got the first upgrade done today. Put some much needed fans in my helmet to pull out some of the hot air.

And the fans mounted in the helmet with some heavy duty velcro.
So I got some feedback from my GML today and thought I'd share with you guys. This isn't everything as he's still working on my submission, but the feedback so far has been good and any rework is minor and I agree with. Fingers crossed!

First off is the right pouch on the ammo belt. This is something that I figured was going to be on the rejection list. I was never really satisfied with how they came out and I'm going to give them a wash and redo the weathering to get it closer to the pictures.

Second is the tip on the rocket on the left gauntlet. They want a little more weathering on it to make it less shiny.

Third is the switches on the right gauntlet. He said they would have to come out. I emailed him saying that the CRL says that if there are switches, they need to be the correct push button switches. I'm really hoping I can get away with this one as I'm not a fan of the empty holes but if I gotta do it I gotta do it.

Fourth was the cheek color on my helmet being too dark and not blue enough. I sent some more pictures since the original submission pictures show the blue being darker than it is. I think I should be fine with this one. The other was thing was that the silver damage appears blobby. Still waiting on other feedback of the helmet.



Fifth is the girth belt which was the first thing I knew was going to be kicked back. I've since tightened it up and posted pictures on my thread.

Sixth is the knee armor being a little too bright. Might need more weathering but I sent an additional photo.

Seventh are the gloves, requested a close up, might need additional weathering.


And finally... my wookie braids are good enough for basic approval! Woooo what a relief lol

That's all I have for now, I'm currently sweating out the jetpack and the remainder of the helmet hoping I don't have to do anything major to them.

As always thanks for viewing and thank you everybody on here for all of your help with this build! Couldn't have done this without everybody here on TDH! :)


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That's not too bad of a list to be honest. But like you said, they haven't done the whole thing. yet. Not sure how I missed your right hip pouch. For mine, I used Coffee to stain it (Cause it is supposed to be darker in overall color) and then light mists of black to weather it up some.

And yeah, I'd fight them switches on the left gauntlet a little. As for your gloves - Honestly, I'd wait for the Mike M Gloves to arrive, they are much superior to the MoW variant. Also good to hear that your Wookie Braids passed! The rest of the stuff seems cosmetic and can be changed pretty easily.

Best of luck with the rest.

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Did you paint the right gauntlet to match the scene where the switches were in the gauntlets?? If so I don’t see a problem with the switches being in
Did you paint the right gauntlet to match the scene where the switches were in the gauntlets?? If so I don’t see a problem with the switches being in
For basic 501st approval it reads:
If switches are used, they are push-button style, not toggle switches.

For level 2, it reads:
If push-button switches are present, they are the correct Alco push-button style switches and the gauntlet weathering and damage patterns match the only version where switches are seen (Whipcord/Luke). Any other version of weathering/damage should not have switches present.

I weathered/chipped my gauntlet to match the one on the CRL. I would see this being an issue if I was going for level 2, but I'm only going for basic now so I thought I would have been fine.
So I ended up redoing my pouches for the ammo belt per my GML's feedback and I think they came out waaay better the second go around. I dyed one pouch using Rit dark brown and weathered both using acrylic craft paints shot through an airbrush. Here's the end result:

Compared to the CRL photo:

Still waiting on more feedback before I make anymore updates. Stay tuned!
Another piece of feedback from my GML was that the perspex block on the rangefinder wasn't really clear. I agree while the BobaMaker block was made out of clear resin, it had a rough surface finish that kept it from really being transparent. In pictures it almost appears gray.

I popped it out and started sanding all surfaces with 1000 grit and worked my way up to 2500 grit.

And after a final toothpaste polish it's pretty darn close to being crystal clear.

And it inside the topper.


I think this definitely is an improvement and hope that it's up to spec now.


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Was able to get my girth belt all set on this snowy day.

I used rustoleum colonial red latex paint mixed with some water based brown wood stain to get the color, then mixed in water until I got a milky consistency.
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I then poured the paint into a roller pan and dunked the belt into the paint to completely saturate all of the rope, working the paint in with my hands and a cheap throw away paint brush.

This is a really messy task so gloves and plenty of paper towels are a must lol. After getting all the rope completely soaked in paint I "rung" out the belt to remove any excess.

After removing the majority of the paint by hand I tried to remove as much paint from the buckles with a rag. Then I hung up the belt from both sides with a hanger to make a hammock and let the belt dry for 48 hours.

After the belt was completely dry I worked the ropes to remove any stiffness in the belt. I also used a rag and some 91% IPA to remove the remaining paint from the buckles. I then went over the buckles with a wire brush to give them a duller appearance.

After all of that I sewed on some black 1" webbing and added some holes to the webbing with a soldering iron.

I think it came out pretty well, the paint seems to have stained the belt nicely as well as stiffen it up. I followed a tutorial on here that illustrated a similar method. Going to let it dry and work the rope more before I wear it against my flightsuit but I haven't had any issues against a t shirt so far.
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Did you use the entire contents of both cans of paint and stain? Just got both myself, and am ready to start this thing.
Did you use the entire contents of both cans of paint and stain? Just got both myself, and am ready to start this thing.
I didn't use all of the paint/stain. I definitely used more paint than stain in my mixture but I just mixed enough to coat the belt, I forget the ratios. But I only used a little stain, just enough to tint the red to the right color. Hope that helps!
So I got all my feedback from my GML yesterday and I thought I'd share with you guys. Overall not too bad, most of it is giving some pieces additional misting /weathering. A little disappointed about the helmet. I really hope I'm able to correct a lot of the colors without having to do a full repaint.

Max ROTJ Hero Boba Fett

Cheeks will need to be redone. They should be bluer/lighter blue then they are. See attached photos for reference

The green on the dome and lower cheeks is not dark enough. These areas need to be a Coach Green darker green. For ROTJ this usually requires a mix of greens until the shade matches reference photos.

The BHG would not accept the red on the mandibles. While I agree it should be darker such as a deep burgundy, I think they are close enough.

The Dark Greys are not pronounced enough. The grey on the helmet is such a light grey that you really don’t see them. When you look at reference photos you see layers of silver, dark grey, and so on. I think this may be one of the drawbacks of painting the helmet topically.

The silver areas need to be more defined. I circled some areas on your helmet. As you can see, the helmet in the CRL and I will also provide you some examples show the silver damage that needs to be refined. As I mentioned in a previous email the silver areas appear “blobby.” They do not appear as actual scratches. Also the silver area coming down from the dent should be more refined. Again, I think this is a drawback of not layering the paint job.

The mandibles are missing some silver in some places and again the greys are just not dark enough.

Overall the helmet should have more mistings of blacks and greys once the paint colors are adjusted.

The red on the jetpack is too “red.” The reds need to be a deeper burgundy.

The red greeblies in the thrusters will also need to come out. These red greebiles haven’t been able to be located in any reference photos.

The missle should be more worn down. The red on it looks to be more like a design as opposed to it being weathered.

There needs to be more silver on the blue in the crease as you are looking at the pack on the left side.

The black part of the jetpack should be more “worn” and not plain black

The BHG pointed out to me that the beacon is apparently the wrong size. It should be a longer beacon on the ROTJ pack.

More misting of blacks/greys

Armor Plates:
More misting.


Shoulder/Knee Armor:
The knees are too yellow. They need to be weathered more with orange.

Same goes for the shoulder armor. You are more on the right track with your left shoulder.


Left Gauntlet:
As mentioned the tip of the rocket needs more weathering

It needs more misting of blacks. Not the appearance that the black is “painted” on.

Needs to be more tattered and torn. Look at CRL photo for reference

Flight Suit:
It needs to be weathered more. It appears to be mostly weathered with browns. Need to add some blacks. Especially down near ankles

The index finger padding needs to be removed.

Anti Security Blade:
It appears to be brass from the photos and not silver.

The U shaped area should be darker. On all reference photos it appears that area is much blacker then the center strip.

There needs to be more weathering on the soles.

Still reviewing everything myself and I'm thinking about what to do first.

Thank you as always for viewing!
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Got a coat of clear on these pieces and think I should be up to par now. Hope they're good for approval. These are definitely some pieces that I plan on redoing in the future once I get some more time and money lol



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I guess one thing about being in flu quarantine is I have plenty of time to myself in my "Boba Cave" lol got my 7CS jetpack kit assembled and some nice QDC and MCR greeblie goodies to go with. Painting this bad boy is gonna be a trip, but I'm looking forward to it!
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As for the left gauntlet... this thing is a beast! Must be 4 pounds with all the fixings but I'm loving it. Got the MCR flamethrower nozzles installed and the QDC rocket on top. Just gotta weather these pieces then it's another complete piece to add to the "Boba Box". Only thing I'm not 100% sure on is the placement/reveal of the flamethrower nozzles. You think they should be offset more?
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Holy crap-balls! Those nozzles make my star war pants tight! Bro, those things are sic! MCR you say?