Pinkflamingos6 ROTJ Build

Moving on to the green armor to add more misting per the feedback. Starting off before I do the misting I'm going to give all the pieces of armor a new clear coat since the rustoleum clear wasn't "flat enough" for my liking. I feel that this will be a much better base to work off of and it will show the misting better.

I started off with the ab plate and the right chest piece as a test. I think it's starting to look better already before I even started the misting process.


I also dry brushed some more silver to the anti Security blade to meet the CRL.

Hoping to have all the green pieces misted up and re-clear coated this weekend, time and weather permitting.
Was able to get some workshop time in after work today. :)

Got some more tattering done to the cape. I opened the upper holes and added some more holes to the bottom.

I was able to do some misting and clear coat the chest and collar armor as well. Think they came out better and I think that krylon Matt clear is much better for the overall finish.

Let me know what ya think!
Big big day today in the Boba cave!

Still working to address some of the GML feedback. Hopefully I'm on the nose with the rework.

First off, the jetpack:
I gave the reds a misting of black, and the whole pack a misting if black and gray.

Next up is the jetpack missile, I gave it a good buffing with some 000 steel wool, as well as some misting of silver and white to tone some things down.

For the jetpack greeblies, the beacon I think looked smaller due to the angle of the shot. I currently have a QDC beacon and after speaking with Lou from 7CS, he said the beacons from QDC and MCR are similar in size.


For the red in the thruster greeblies, I think I'm gonna try to dull the red down a bit. In the MoM exhibit you can see that there is red in both greeblies.


Next up is the flightsuit. Gave it some more weathering with blacks and heres the results:

Here's the armor plated after additional weathering and clear coat:


I added some misting to the left gauntlet rocket:

Also weathered and painted my boots per the feedback :


And I think that's it for now. Next step if the feedback is reworking the helmet.

Stay tuned!


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Thanks to my supportive and ever so helpful girlfriend I was able to do another test suit up yesterday and take some pictures for my resubmit!

Here's a little photo dump from yesterday. I think overall the costume looks a lot better. Everything has a more authentic gritty/grimy feel as compared to my first attempt. And I think the krylon clear coat made a huge difference on my armor pieces.

I plan on sending these new pictures in today for a second go around and hope for the best!

As always, thank you everyone on TDH for all your help and support!








After reviewing the pictures I did notice a few things that are suit up issues that need some tweaks, as always it's a work in progress and hope to address them in the future.

Let me know how I did!
everything looks better but knees still look too bright yellow, bring the plates closer together, the spats are too heavily weathered as well. the boots just look like a grey color as opposed to looking dirty, some of the silver damage on the helmet still look too's improving tho


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I agree. It’s definitely looking better, but close the gaps in the armour. The braids should be a bit more inward - there‘s a big gap to that shoulder. Try positioning your hoses better - they look a little awkwardly bent.

Definitely getting there!
Came home to a pleasant surprise today... my Mike M gloves came in and I love them. Amazing quality and they fit perfectly. A nice improvement over my current MoW gloves. Just gotta weather them up a bit. I'm gonna feel bad getting them all dirty but it's what Boba would want lol.
So I've been playing with the right gauntlet hoses, looking for a better way to attach them so I have more mobility and so they won't keep coming out from under the sleeve.

After doing some digging, I saw how ShortFuse did his and I liked the idea. I took off all the original hardware and put the loop on one of the hoses like so:

I like how doing this ended up shortening the hoses a little bit as well. Think I will need to go back and shorten the upper hose on the Whipcord housing so all the hoses stay aligned better:

Overall I like this method but I think I'm gonna explore other methods of attaching as well. Doing this greatly improved my mobility which is a huge plus. The hoses also stayed in place much better than my previous method. Also going to try to see about softening the hoses as well.

Here are some more test shots after trying the new setup and moving my arms around.




Let me know how the hoses look! Still playing around and open for suggestions:)


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I’m wondering if you have too much hose. It really shouldn’t stick so far away from your arm under the sleeve. Having less hose would keep it tighter to your arm.
Great picture RafalFett! I think I'm gonna try and shorten the hoses by 1.5" and take it from there. I also think a big part of it is that the hoses still have a strong curve to them. Gonna try to straighten them out a bit too. I think that curve is what's pulling them away from my arm.
Got some more feedback from my GML today. Just wanted to share with you guys and get your opinions.

Helmet: The green looks SO much better. Your darkening it has really helped a lot there. Good job. We still get brought to that scratch on the top right of the dome. It still just looks a little blobby and not like an actual scratch. Your misting in areas are good. However, you got some on the mandible on the left side of the helmet. The reds shouldn't have any distinguishable black spots and it really stands out when you are looking at it. The blue looks much better. And looking at some of the greys again, they still need to be darker greys in some areas. Try and compare them to the CRL photos if you need a bit of reference there. I attached a few photos to show you the areas I am referring to.

Jetpack - The reds look much better! Bravo! The red greeblies look good. The missile: I see you weathered it down. That is good. But you still need to get some more red in there. From the photos it almost looks like the missile is white. I'm good with the beacon so lets leave that alone. The side tanks are now off. Remember they should technically be white and weathered with grey. So now they look just grey weathered with blacks. When you look at the CRL photo you can see whites popping through in there. For the silver scrape on the left side please see my additional comment below to explain this more. If you would like I can reach back out to the Bounty Hunter Guild and ask for their clarification on this.

Shoulder armor and Knee Armor - Still much too yellow. They need to be more orange.

Left Gauntlet - The rocket tip still needs more weathering. The CRL states the rocket should be heavily weathered.

Cape - The cape is looking much better. It just needs to be more "worn." It looks like it is a brand new cape. All of the specific highlights are there but it needs to be worn down more.

Flight Suit - Looks much better! Good job.

Spats - Either I didn't notice it earlier or you did more work to them but in these photos they look a little too weathered. Can you lighten them up a little? They are only supposed to be lightly weathered.

Anti Security Blade - Good

Boots - The u shape is perfect now. Black on soles better. But dirty these things up more.

Gloves - Hard to tell from the photos but were you able to fix the index finger?

******Additional comment: For the jetpack and a couple of other items, I know you mentioned that there are suits from exhibits that illustrate certain items. I feel I'm obligated to give you a little more of an explanation on this. In the 501st we create the CRLs for all of the costumes that we accept. Unfortunately, when CRLs come together there really cannot be any variations. All CRLs have to depict a specific set of standards for a character so that everyone looks the same and follows the same guide. For example, stormtroopers from ANH. Stormtrooper enthusiasts know that there are a couple of variations of stunt stormtroopers in the movies. Let's take Mr. No Stripes for example. While he was clearly in the movie and it technically is screen accurate, the 501st does not allow any stormtrooper helmets with no tube stripes on them. It becomes a tough balance but it they are the standards that the 501st has created. So for the damage on the left side of the jetpack it does show it in the CRL. You provided the history of it and I know it. But if it is a hallmark for 501st approval then we would have to put it in for approval. So going back to that, I will reach out to the BHG and get a determination on it.


Looking back at my feedback I think I may end up redoing the shoulders and knees. Does anybody have a good recommendation for the 2 colors? I'm also thinking about upgrading to BobaMaker knees and shoulders to save me some time since they come primed ready to paint.

This was something I wanted to do after approval but it looks like I'm not getting approved anytime soon with my workload ahead of me.

Also any tips on how to fix the "blobby" areas of the helmet?

Thanks for viewing!