Pinkflamingos6 ROTJ Build

So as I'm going through my costume trying to get everything up to snuff for submission I'm stumped on how to setup the "hose" greeblie on the bottom of the jetpack.

How do you guys have yours so it doesn't interfere with mounting onto the jetpack harness? Do you have the hose attached to the harness itself? Or feed it into the pack so it's all self contained? Or maybe even to the flack vest?

So I ended up thinking of a solution. I ended up attaching the hose to the harness itself. I figured it was the simplest way to go without interfering with how the pack mounts.

I used some zip ties to secure the hose to the harness.

The hose falls between the bar and the bottom clip on the pack.


Just need to make sure the girth belt and ammo belt don't cover it when suiting up.

And the end result.

I'm still curious on how other people did theirs. And if how I did mine is a good way to go?

I guess I'll find out Friday when I suit up to take my submission photos lol


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I ended up doing it the same way Lazerjock showed me.....
Iron's Solution.jpg

Your solution looked good too. I liked the idea of putting the hose behind the armor, that way it wouldn't mess with the paint job on the armor.
I've rocked this solution on a couple of 2-hour long troops and it's never embarrassingly come undone! I can't imagine yours coming undone either. It's tough to beat a tie wrap. Obviously in either case, you need someone to assist you in getting it put in place though.

Got the hoses on my right gauntlet all weathered up using some enamel paint sprayed through an airbrush.

In the meantime, I've been turning my workshop into a 1 hour photo lol getting some pictures together for my 501st submission :)
Let me know what ya think!






I have never used an airbrush so this may be a foolish question. Do you use just water to thin acrylic paint for the airbrush? If so, what is the ratio? Thanks!
I have never used an airbrush so this may be a foolish question. Do you use just water to thin acrylic paint for the airbrush? If so, what is the ratio? Thanks!
For acrylic craft paints, I use distilled water to thin the paints. The ratio varies for each brand but I try to thin to the consistency of milk. That's usually the best for spraying.


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For me, I use Tamiya Paints and I'd say 80% of the time they spray good right out of the airbrush with no thinning. Vallejo makes a special "Air" brand of paints that don't require any thinning whatsoever. For their other paints they offer a product called "Airbrush Flow Improver," that makes the paint easy to shoot out of an airbrush.
One thing that I noticed while suiting up and taking pictures is that my girth belt had a good amount of slack in it and drooped over the kidney piece a little too much I think.

I tightened the belt a little bit and went back today to take a few pictures.

I guess my question is how exactly should the girth belt sit on the costume? I've seen this vary quite a bit on the ROTJ costume. How much of the cod/kidney armor should the belt cover? Should it rest on the studs or be lower?

I think my most recent attempt below looks pretty good but was just wondering for the future.



And should the ammo belt cover the girth belt in the back?


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Looking really good! Keep it up, I like your makeshift "Thruster Holders", I may borrow that idea when it comes time to do my Boba Maker Jetpack! When I did my previous budget Jetpack, as you know I had purchased a 3D print and built it all - permanently - before painting it. Nothing is removable except the little access door on the back. so didn't have a need to use the "Thruster Holders" then.

And just how PinkFlamingos6 explained, that is exactly how I did mine. Clamped it in place and layered the hot glue until I was satisfied. Here we are two years later and having done a handful of troops and still have NOT had an issue with it! It's held up very well.
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That's great! Where did you get the clear red plastic?