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  1. C

    Vote: Your favorite Boba Fett Variant

    Vote on your favorite. This may influence what I make in the future!
  2. Swiftcloud

    Fett Jetpack Lights and Sounds Mod

    Fellow hunters, I have been asked to do a demonstration video of my Boba Fett Jetpack showing the LED amber light & rocket sounds and how I connect and control it from my gauntlet. It’s much safer than smoke machines or CO2 capsules in my opinion. I’m not very good at making video...
  3. Tom Walker

    ESB Boba Fett - Scratch Build (Pic Heavy!!!)

    Hi All! I recently scratch built a Boba Fett helmet... ...and it has progressed into building a full costume. I am building it to be moulded and cast, but in a way in which it can be converted into a Jango Fett variant as well. I will start a separate thread for the Jango variant (which I...
  4. Boomzo

    Looking to make 501st ready Boba helmet

    I’m looking to make a 501st Legion ready Boba Fett helmet starting with the helmet. I’m not sure if I should make my own or if there are good kits available. I know the kits are often very accurate and well made but cost more and you lose out on the whole building from scratch thing. Can i get...
  5. Jedinate10

    JediNate10’s Official ESB Boba Fett Build Thread

    Hey, guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here. But I’m happy to say that I’ve begun my new ESB Boba Fett build! I’ve been planning this one out in my head for years and years, and I’m super excited to get it going finally. Last time I suited up as Boba was 2014, which was also the last...
  6. B

    New Vender

    Hello, my name is Scott. I'm an amateur prop maker out of Southern Calirofornia. I'm a full-time RN and father of a mini Mando son. I Started Outer Rim Armory because of my love of star wars and painting. I have a shop on Etsy and have been making Sintra armor kits for over a year. I now have...
  7. Tom Walker

    ESB Boba Fett Helmet - Scratch Build WIP

    Hello everyone! I’m fairly new to the forum, but have found it to be a wealth of knowledge! I’m building an ESB Boba Fett helmet. I’ve decided to go down the scratch building method, as I like a challenge. Only after I started and spent some time on here, I realised how many little details and...
  8. Tom Walker

    Double Post - Please Delete

    Double Post - Please Delete
  9. Tom Walker

    ESB Boba Fett Helmet - Scratch Build - Pic Heavy!

    Hello everyone! I've been lurking on these forums for a while now and thought it best to join properly. Not so long ago someone approached me about building an ESB Boba Fett helmet (and being a big star wars fan I jumped at the request!). I decided to go down the scratch building method, as I...
  10. Darth_Gerald

    Boba WIP

    hi, I’m new clear by using my name and not a username...duh! Any help fixing that would be hot! Anyways, I got a Rubies Boba helmet for Christmas from my wife and decided its worth repainting and doing some extra mods. It’s the first time I’ve done this so bare with me. I know it’s a...
  11. Strikerkc

    Need held to ID maker of armor pieces

    Hi all, I've got a partial set of boba fett hard armor plates, still raw from being pulled, and I can't remember what manufacturer they are from. I remember at the time, I was able to look up the name and see what full sets went for, and see that they were an actual company in business, but...
  12. Swiftcloud

    ROTJ Details

    So for the ROTJ (not SE) Fett: Boots have black stripe or no stripe? I’m getting ready to weather them but I can’t seem to find the answer. Some photos seem to show a stripe and others don’t. I don’t want to paint it in only to find out that it’s incorrect. can anyone answer this?
  13. S

    MOLD MAKING 101: Stream at 9PM EST on Twitch

    Tonight at 9 I am filming mold making 101: Silicone, clay, mold boxes and simple theory. It will only be 30 minutes. Twitch (IconicPropsTTV) At the end of the stream I will be giving away a thermal detonator. I will be writing down a number between 1 and 1000 at the beginning of the stream...
  14. T


    Hey, I’m a filmmaker from the UK and I’m currently getting involved with a Star Wars fan film called “Bounty Hunter: A Star Wars Story” which follows a young Boba Fett trying to fill his father’s boots. And I’m looking for costumes and guessed this would be the best place to look. 2 costume...
  15. Swiftcloud

    My ROTJ Boba Fett build

    Hello! I am a newbie here, and have been building Boba Fett ROTJ version. Started out just intending to build it for Halloween/comicon use. But turned into a persuit to get an approvable outfit. Here is a link to my build process story with plenty of pics. Let me know what you think. Thanks...
  16. videoflixx

    My first Boba Fett ROTJ Helmet

    Hi there, the last view month TDH was a big source and Inspiration for my first airbrush paint up of a Boba Fett ROTJ helmet. Of course I use RafalFett's Stencils and Templates from here! A big thank you to him for his fantastic work! By chance I got a raw cast of a resin BF helmet. During...
  17. wolverine

    How to make boba fett esb runner

    Hello everyone and thanks, thanks for sharing and helping us make our cosplays come true. I greet you from Spain and if you do not speak English, everything is translated by Google, I'm sorry if something is not understood correctly. I'm creating a cosplay of bob fett esb runner for a Christmas...
  18. Big Game

    Big Games First ESB Fett wip

    Hey there everyone! This will be my first thread detailing my build for an ESB Fett. I’m sure it’s gonna be a slow build as I work in the film industry which consistently requires long hours and sometimes weekends. On top of that my wife who supports me doing this but will also want my attention...
  19. SykoVoss

    So...what's the correct ROTJ belt spec?

    Hey folks, just starting to build a ROTJ (original, not SE) ammo belt and slowly doing my nut. I'm working from the Dented Helmet ref from this thread, containing Rafalfett's thorough set of templates and reference... Ammo Belt - Tutorial : Ammo Belts V2 (with RafalFett templates) Now...
  20. WhiteShadow

    For Sale Foam helmet liners

    So this is my ongoing run of foam helmet interiors. I have two versions available along with separate dome padding. Version1 details Dimensions 17 1/4" x 6 1/8" x 1" (at highest point) Version2 details Dimensions 17 1/8" x 6 1/4" x 7/8" (at highest point) Both versions: have recessed...
  21. Crookknight

    Jet Pack Crookknight's ESB 3D Pack Design and Prototype

    I have been working on the design for a couple of months. Going for the ESB Boba Fett Jetpack. I took this one to see if we could come up with a lightweight, durable, and cost effective alternative. All parts are 3D printed ABS and hollow. Once I have the pack assembled, I will weigh it, but...
  22. Joelight

    Christopher Nolan

    Not sure what everyone else thought about The Last Jedi. From what I have seen online the reviews are almost split evenly with half of the fans liking it and the other half less than pleased with the new direction Disney is taking. I personally didn't care for some parts but liked others and...
  23. Arminace

    General Hoses/tubes/thermoplastic piping system of Boba SE Edition

    I really need some help.... its regarding the hoses of the gauntlets of the SE Edtion of B.F. Has anyone some good close ups of the endings (where they start on the gloves and more important ... where do they end? It's really hard to get pics of that...). Best regards and thank you in advance.
  24. Arminace

    General Very low budget: Boba Build or "Pimp my rubish"

    Hi there, Ive asked already for a little help and here is the reason why I asked. I decided to show you some pics of my progress of a Boba build that startet with a very low budget. This is just a base build to get some skills and experience with this highly complicated costume and will be...
  25. RBF

    ROTJ slightly updated

    A long time ago, Not so far away… Back in 2004 I started costuming/cosplaying, mainly out of love for Star Wars. At a certain age you really become to old to play with action figures so the main goal was to remake my favourite one on a 1:1 scale. Little did I realise how long this would take...