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Hey Guys...Thought I'd share some photos of a new Alpine white concept Fett helmet..This is a prototype for a brand new line of helmets w/ a top of the line military suspenion system.. this helmet is up for auction on ebay if anyone is interested..enjoy the photos...Sincerely Christian (Man of War Studios)
did u build the helmet and design it ?

it looks symetrical...

very nice... although i think its missing a lil something, some element, thats makes it look... i dunno white...

you know how snow troopers have that look...

its hard to explain, but to me this bucket screams "paint me paint me"
Yes. this is made entirely from my own original molds and masters "no re-casting"...Your both right it needs more attention on the paint scheme I agree...but this was a prototype, semi-gloss top coat only no weathering....that's being used on the Hoth Alpine white version costume I'm buiding as we speak ..
I love that suspension system, what did it come from ? Im looking to get one that would be a tad bit nicer than a hard hat liner.
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Hey Christian...

That new helmet looks awesome...very crisp and really outdid yourself this time! As a Man of War Studios owner (my whole costume) I have to say any of you who own his work can't go wrong! If you definately want a dead on reproduction drop this guy a line. Again nice helmet...can't wait to see your future productions!

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