Denver Comic Con 2016 - Fett Finally Finished - Pointers for new Troops


Great build man! Real happy for you that it all came together so well. And thanks for sharing the experience with us. Awesome stuff! (y)(y)(y)

My pleasure man. I really just wanna try and give back a bit. I am not a pro by any means but any type of field experience should be pretty helpful for peeps.


Great work brother! The suit looks amazing and I love that you got your daughter involved. I keep trying to get my wife to dress up like Princess Leia but no go. You've inspired me get the white dress and hair buns for my daughter. I just need to figure out an easy costume for my son that won't get utterly destroyed (he's 6 and has no sense of "careful" lol).


I was thinking jaws but he'd probably want something "tougher" like maybe a Greedo mask and gloves.

Warning.... make sure Greedo shoots first!