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I am wanting to install a Servo in my new MS2 with an aluminum stalk and a hollow rangefinder with LED kit. I can't find the invoice from my last servo I got from Can someone tell me which would be a good one for the weight I am wanting to use it for. I think I got a futuba last time but can't tak it out of my current helmet to look.
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Well... assuming that the RF weighs 50g and the stalk is 0.1 m... that make 9.8 * 0.005 * 0.1 = 0.049 Nm.. So any servo that has enough momentom (torgue??) of 0.05Nm or more will do.

(i assume... ;) )
Now that I have this one I am not sure how to wire it up to the RC board. This one is different from the last one I used. On that one I had just cut all the wires out and soddered 2 new wires to the metal tip that were in there. Can some one help me with what to do with this one?
I'm really guessing here... But it seems that you have two servoes there. One with RED, YELLOW and BLUE and one with ORANGE and BROWN. But you only need one. So you can remove which ever you want.

I assume that the other RED and BLACK go to the battery.. but where does the WHITE wire lead to?

It's kinda hard to see from just one picture. could you post some more of where the other wires go and if it is in fact two servoes.
That is the servo you recommended above. (Hitec HS-77 Low Profile BB Servo J) It is just 1 servo with the back opened up. The red, white and black wire is what come on it. I assume you plug that into something if your using it for RC cars. On the photo of the link above you can see that wire wrapped about the servo. I have not cut any wires because this one is so different from the HS-33 I used last time and I don't know how to wire this one up to my RC board and battery.
OK.. well i'm still assuming here... but it seems that it is the RED, WHITE and BLACK wires are the ones that go to the RC board. (the reciveing end)

You then need to attach a battery to the RC board to supply the circuit with power.

I belive that RED, YELLOW and BLUE are the cables to the servo and thus should be left alone. Some servoes have three wires to keep them from "overheating" when they keep on recieving power but can't turn the motor.

But what i can't figure out is the ORANGE and BROWN wire. Is there an internal battery? a second servo?
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