My Zam Project Progress


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Helmet is here! Thanks again Cal!!!!!!!!!! awesome stuff as usual

so we got the ear guards and the two greeblies on..whole lot of dremmeling to get this to fit her, but's on her head!...ive got the binocs half weathered but not yet attached to the helmet because of obvious reasons...paint...rub and buff and the brim dying...but here is Jamie looking all zamish...she make a cute zam, but then i'm partial to what i see...LOL




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so seeing as i had a few moments before i remembered the troop this week ;) I thought i would do up jamie's helmet...everything is done and weathered with the exception of the brim...need to soak it, dye it and stain it up...the only problem and the reason it's not done...ran out of purple dye doing the trip to tandy in the comming week to get that as well as eyelets for the vest and the right size punch and setting tool for them...

here's some pics of the helmet as it is now...hope you enjoy...


back weathering

left side weathering and connections

back details/hose ect...gotta figure out a way of getting the brim to stop sinking down...

right side weatering(forsome reason in the reference pics..zam has a cleaner right side... ;) :lol: )


I had to actually resess the nuts for the binocs in into the ear guards so they would fit flush with them....worked out okay seeing as it was plenty thick to make a hole for the nut...


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so here it is as we have progressed to this point...this BTW is on the duck tape Jamie....what we've got to do still is this....

vest -

sew in the zipper, put in the eyelets and lace on the sides and epulets, airbrush...

cummerbund -

sew in the badding and airbrush, attach the speed lacing hooks and the lace

misc -


paint a couple greeblies and do the lace and other fasteners for them

paint and weather the brim on the helmet

add the final 5 rows to the skirt

airbrush and cut out the veil and the cape, sew on the veil's satin lining

affix the snaps to the back of the shin guards

and i think thats it! so it shouldnt be too long the lace for the skirt and the vest coming in a couple days along with some more purple dye, just need to make a tandy trip to get the setter for the eylets and the hole punch for them as well...
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now that i see the suit kind of together im thinking the hoses are a bit too long and the ovary bits and the half moon hanger are a bit under sized...any thoughts?


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Okay....(I knew Sith could have a temper... but really now! ;) :lol: :lol: )

The eyelet setter you can get at JoAnn's or Michael's btw. You don't need to get the Tandy one. Some come with a punch as well...

Now that you mention it... the hoses do look a bit too long. Perhaps ZIA or Cal can tell you the measurements on the length of the hose they used?

Nice to see the progress you're making. (y) !


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Sorry i counted the extra ribs for the inside of the hose attatchments, didnt want ppl to lop em off at 16 and go ... but its too short now!


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It also depends on how far apart the ribs are. Some hoses they are closer together than others. I haven't seen any that look like the ones you've got Becky. The ones I've been looking at look more like JD's.


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ya...i was thinking of checking out the drain hose for washers...i hear they are pretty close and i think thats what cal used...


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what i want to know is, how did you attach the swing to the rifle ;)

only kidding :lol: . Your costume is seriously wicked and looks great - well done



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so i finally got off my but and finished the vest...pre-colored that is...put in the zipper and the eyelets as well as the lace for the sides and the now i just have to get brave and airbrush it...came out pretty good for my first attempt at leather garment making...never tackled anything like this before and im glad it worked out...could have been a real costly mistake(shouldnt say that..havnt tried the dye process yet!)

also made the cummerbund today a pick later...after i cut it and then install the speed lace gromets