My so so first attempt


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Right.. Time to bite the bullet. I'm nervous to show this here.

Here's the beginning of my costume, still got a lot to do on it.

I've got a SFP jumpsuit on it's way, have to figure out a final way to attach the armor, and need to get the proper gun.

I've not adjusted the flare of the Helmet, nor have I completed the gauntlets.

Unfortuntally there aren't any pics of the Jet Pack in this run, but I'll get round to that soon.

The Armor and Bucket where painted with the major help of a friend of mine, I did the construction.

Here's hoping the link works!

And yes if your counting there is a pic missing, but I don't think you want to see it! :eek:
well the boots... the ammo belt is too clean, the wookie braids need weathering, the chest armor's battle damage is to rounded.. The girth belt is a little screwy. Need the right gloves... that's about all I can rattle off at the moment..

heh... I'm my own worst critic.
Oh.. that's a given!

Within an hour of getting everything 'finished' and on me for photos I got an e-mail saying that my new Helmet was getting started.

I'm already in upgrade mode!
Looks awesome!
Needs a girth belt though!
Oh wait! It just so happens I make them!
I know I know! Bad commercial but I can hook you up!
Let me know!
Looks good to's an awesome first have nothing to worry about. I recently purchased a girth belt from can't go'll put the finishing touches on your costume. By the way where did you have your pics taken...I like the location. Keep it the good work and don't get'll never be totally done with your costume...too many little things that always need changing.
Actually the location is my living room... the wall in the background has had it's panels removed since we had major storm damage in August, when we lost the roof.

E2K13... I'll take that hook up! PM Sent.

Thanks for all the great comments guys, I'm feeling better about the look now. Updates coming in the new year!
First My first cod piece was made from a spare shoulder bell. If you click around this site for a few hours/days/ will get straightened out on how to be perfect.

- Sintra Sucks, Fiberglass Rocks (I wear Sintra)
- Do not use spraypaint on melts
- If ordering from Star Force Productions,
be sure to plan months ahead...often tardy or wrong.
- Do not try to convince your wife/girlfriend Fett is cool.
In most cases, she will hate him or be jealous of him.
- Do not drink booze before suiting makes
you sweat twice as much.
- Really get a helmet fan.
- Do not become obsessed with Fett <-- Oh, wait, everyone here is!
- Do not talk to MIRAX, herr hubby will kick your A$$
- Test Fit your jet pack very looks bad hanging on your A$$
- Velcro sucks, snaps seem to be the way to go (I have Velcro)

- And Very Lastly...

Heh... I'm going to have enough trouble explaining to people who I am.

Going all white will just confuse people over here!
That is the beauty of is a conversation starter. It goes like this..."well, you see, Boba Fett was going to be part of a squad of special troopers, basically known as Mandoloreans, who are the nemesis to the Jedi...oh, you do not know what a jedi is, well, let me explain..."

...then the girls just walk away! You open your mouth and they realize what a nerd you are and then it becomes - a conversation KILLER!!!!

Later Friends! NERDS UNITE!

gorman wrote:

Heh... I'm going to have enough trouble explaining to people who I am.

Going all white will just confuse people over here!
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