Buckethead from Germany


Jr Hunter
Hello there,

Just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe. And that way brought me back to T-buckets.

I've been fairly active in Mandalorian (pre Disney) stuff in the beginning of the last decade, then life moved on and lately interest in the hobby was renewed. Probably in part by the new Mandalorian series (cool armor, nice to have a Mando in the spotlight for once, but oh... the lore... soo much less interesting and deep then what we've had previously).

Many years back, I built 2 suits of Mandolrian armor, both from metal but with variying quality. The first was a gold one with a painted up Rubies Jango helmet; good looking only from far away, but hey... I was barely more then a child. Then came armor #2 out of 2mm thick aluminum. Much better but no match to most of the stuff ive seen on here. It was huge fun jumping chest to chest with other guys in metal armor, adding real "battle" damage in the process and causing major noise pollution.

For those interested, here are some pictures and details of the suit:

  • 1.5 or 2mm aluminum plate
  • Custom chestplate long-format
  • Armor attatchment via lots of velcro (very secure, easy and versatile, but a major pain to get plate spacing right each suit-up)
  • Bobamaker helmet (dont know which version) with a construction helmet insert and no electronics. I did reinforce the mandibles because thats where I like to grab a helmet. Rangefinder missing on purpose.
  • I know the flaws in the costume are pretty apparent, but I still like it.
And then there is this: Probably my proudest Star Wars moment: Boba, Jango, young Boba, Stunt-Boba and Chewie in one picture. And i'm in it!
4Fetts-2 (2).jpg

So with all that out of the way... What are my goals? Why did I come to The Dented Helmet?

Massive respect for the work you already accomplished here! I've read a ton! of threads and was fascinated by the archeology of trying to find out the tiniest details. Most interesting to me was the helmet history (which I cannot claim to have understood entirely just yet, but I'm getting better). With all of that reading came the wish to comment and hopefully contribute to the community.

In terms of goals, there are several... with variying levels of probability for realization.

Very Likely:
  • Building / getting an as-screen-accurate-as-possible Boba helmet
  • Creating / akquiring some props for display
  • Building the "The Mandalorian" helmet, that more or less by accident is being 3D printed for me by an acquaintance. But putting on a little of a twist.
We'll see:
  • Working towards a 501st accepted Boba or Jango Costume
  • Completely recreating my custom Mando to have screen-quality.
  • In this process, and thats the biggie:
    Finding a way to create screen-quality thick metal plates.
    It does bother me that the fiberglass Jango or the ABS Boba plates look more "real" then most attempts at real metal plates in terms of plate curvature, weathering etc. My mind is contemplating how to make screen accurate real metal plates and I'm hoping to maybe find as well as contribute Ideas towards that goal.
And then I do have an unfinished kit of Republic Commando armor laying around that I probably should have sold but havent.

Ok. I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on all of this :)