Hi from Germany!

Bantha Hunter

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Hey guys!
I've been dreaming of high quality Boba Fett armor since I was a wee lad. Now I'm not so "wee" anymore and actually have the means to realize my dream! Time to dive in and soak in all the terminology, look at all the great resources and try to figure out what I need to order to get started... Oh, and maybe I should get rid of that pandemic-gut I've carefully curated over the last year before ordering any soft parts. :lol:

All I know is that I want to paint all the pieces myself... A bit of a daunting task, especially if I look at all the masterful work that gets posted on here. :oops:

-Bantha Hunter


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This forum is a wealth of knowledge, run and used by some great people. I wouldn't have got so far on some of my projects without the help of some of these guys posts and pictures. If i can give u one bit of advice where i went wrong. Dont start on the chest armour when painting because its so prominent and it takes time to learn your craft. Mine had about 4 rub down and repaints before i was happy. I'd practice on a different area if i was you. That said, enjoy your build and remember to share some pics