1. MandoLegacy20

    Who sells lineage Mando season 2 Boba Fett helmets?

    I'm thinking about starting a Boba Fett cosplay from season 2 of the Mandalorian, since I love his new look. I also noticed how the helmet in the show is scaled down compared to the ESB and ROTJ helmets. I'm also 5'4 so it seems like the season 2 helmet would be a better fit for me compared to...
  2. Halo 1

    For Sale [INTEREST Thread]New Republic Marshal Badge/Medallion in Metal

    Hello Hunters, First up, I want to take a little time out to wish every hunter here a very Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a wonderful upcoming Happy New Year! Please take care and be safe. So, my buddies and I decided to tackle a new project run for all my old buddies here and the fans of...
  3. alex920a

    Mando LCD gauntlet

    Here's my version of the Mando LCD gauntlet with mandalorians characters! :D Hope you like it!
  4. alex920a

    Aluminium Grav charge with Led & sounds

    Hi everybody! new member here! I'm working on a Aluminium Grav charge with Led & sounds! hope you like it! :D Here's the video :
  5. nicktilly

    Boba fett mandalorian re-paint, new paint

    Hi I’m new to the forum. I plan on doing a repaint of my boba fett helmet but this time accurate to the season 2 mandalorian paint job. Less weathered and clean look. Wondered if anyone has a template or is working on one. Any guidance would be great.
  6. syllander

    For Sale Mandalorian armor set, fiberglass/epoxy resin

    Full set of glasses epoxy resin Mandalorian armor. This was created by Branfuhr studios, and is a very well made set. Scaled to fit someone in the 5’10” range. All casts are very clean, only the smaller pieces require some flash removal. Does include the separate whistling bird launcher, and...
  7. RBF

    Hasbro w/Fett helmet turned into Mando (tv)

    When I saw the Hasbro Fett helmets I loved them right away. I think they are a good value for their price tag and with some work can be made into great props. I wanted to make a Mando diorama with atleast the helmet. Anyways.... half way through modding the white Hasbro bucket I saw they'll be...
  8. N

    Montross (Bounty Hunter)

    And part two of my last post. I’m also doing Montross from Star Wars Bounty Hunter as well (what can I say? I feel I’m born for the part). This version is actually surprisingly more difficult to make out than the Open Seasons version. I’m caught in between if I should even bother including the...
  9. Sabertooth

    First Mandolorian build Journey

    Ok so I guess this is going to be the journey of my first ever build to do anything with cosplay, I've always wanted to do a type of mando build since my first con years ago and now that the mandalorian has come out I have a good enough reason. At the moment I have almost completely finished my...
  10. RamSkirata

    Buckethead from Germany

    Hello there, Just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe. And that way brought me back to T-buckets. I've been fairly active in Mandalorian (pre Disney) stuff in the beginning of the last decade, then life moved on and lately interest in the hobby was renewed. Probably in part by...
  11. kg4ueq

    First attempt at 3D Printed Bucket

    This is my first attempt at 3D printing a Mandalorian helmet. I printed it on a Tronxy 3XY with PLA filament. After printing, I had to do a little sanding and filling some minor gaps. It was primed with a filling primer and painted with flat spray paint. My color scheme was something I came up...
  12. griffmcnifftiff

    Beskar backplate?

    Does anybody know what the Mando’s backplate (from the Beskar version) looks like? Can’t find any reference pictures. Thanks :)
  13. kira47

    Mandalorian Warriors AKA Death Watch

    After watching the episode I've made up my mind that I want a full costume. After a few days of looking at the screenshots I've made a parts list of what I assume those mandos were wearing. Helmet - Legacy effectsBoba Helmet(Dent Filled) thanks to Fett 4 Real Chest, Kidney, Back, Thigh, Hand...
  14. TheTbagmonster

    Phase II Clone Trooper Armor Pepakura Build

    Hello fellow Star Wars fans! I originally posted this plainly on the RPF, but I then discovered this forum and felt it would be better suited here. I wasn't going to post my progress until I was nearly done with this suit as I figured it'd be nice to post all the progress pictures at once, but...
  15. wyawya

    Custom Mando Helmet

    This is my helmet fo rmy Mandalorian Mercs build. Obviously the weathering is heavily inspired by the man in green, so I'd love to here what you guys think. EDIT: I just realized I posted this in the wrong sections, feel free to delete mods. :)
  16. B

    New Vender

    Hello, my name is Scott. I'm an amateur prop maker out of Southern Calirofornia. I'm a full-time RN and father of a mini Mando son. I Started Outer Rim Armory because of my love of star wars and painting. I have a shop on Etsy and have been making Sintra armor kits for over a year. I now have...