1. bucketheadprops

    For Sale Jango Fett Aluminium Range Finder Stalk & Inner Ears

    I am in the process of building my own Jango, and decided to make an aluminium range finder stalk and ear pieces for the helmet. Drew up my own designs based on measurements I found, and on my own helmet cast I'm working on. I had a few sets made up so am offering these for sale. The size...
  2. MachineCraft

    For Sale MachineCraft Metal HERO Ears - Interest Thread

    Hey all you cool clones and kittens, It's time to announce our next product, the MachineCraft Hero Ears. I am often too long winded, so to avoid putting you to sleep, lets just hit the bullet points. Important Stuff: -These were made possible due to extremely accurate drawings created by...
  3. RamSkirata

    Buckethead from Germany

    Hello there, Just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe. And that way brought me back to T-buckets. I've been fairly active in Mandalorian (pre Disney) stuff in the beginning of the last decade, then life moved on and lately interest in the hobby was renewed. Probably in part by...