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Hi everyone, messaback ;)

As many of you may already know by now, I obtained the rights to Natty15d's original works about 6 months ago. With Natty's blessing, I took on the task of further
improving upon an already exceptional piece of work.

This helmet is larger in some areas, however, it is smaller in
other areas respective to the new shape proportions. For all intents
and purposes, it has been reworked from every possible angle,
so it should be considered a resculpt.

The overlay pictures below, are approximations only. We all know
it's extremely difficult to take pictures of the exact angles that
have been captured in exhibits or film stills, but these can
surely give an idea of the level of accuracy that's been achieved.

This has been a long time coming. Without the talents of the original artist (Natty15d), in all likelihood, this would have never made it past the contemplation stages. His works are indeed as pioneering, as they are innovative, especially in the Fett community. This new helmet is only as good, as the base I started from. Thanks Nathan ;)

Although I've had other projects in the works for sometime, I've had to overcome a number of obstacles on this one, for one, a broken hand that I've only recently recovered from. It would have been done long before now.

A few points of possible interest about the helmet.
The helmet is indeed larger in some areas, and smaller in others, however, not in a purposeful attempt to change the dimensions of the original sculpt, that were painstakingly researched. The differences here, come from redesign in perspectives. It is my understanding that a great many sources were used in the original production of this piece, many of them being "Exhibit Photos", such as The Magic of Myth and The Art of Star Wars. Although I used many of the same references, as the pics indicate below, I put more of a focus on original movie stills this time around, for the simple reasoning that most fan captured reference pictures can appear distorted or somewhat out of proportion because of the many different camera's used, whereas (I've been told, not claiming to be gospel as I'm in no way an expert in these matters) that film stills, or film reference in general, could quite possibly give a more accurate representation of an original item because film production equipment and film quality camera's capture at a different shutter speed, with different exposure boundaries, capturing more of what the human eye sees, as opposed to a lower quality camera iris. Again, I claim no expertise where this is concerned, and it can be up for debate, but it made some sense. The overall look I was trying to achieve, was the film appearance. An example shown below ..


One could also argue that there were more than one ESB helmet used, I'm sure we've all seen the pics of the mutiple helmets sitting on tables at ILM, and of course there are the stunt helmets. It was my goal to try and average the look between them all.

Although it is a rescullpt, here are some of the more points of possible intereset that have been changed..

The key slots are pretty self explanitory, but note that the correct bevels immediately above and below the actual key openings.

The Dent is smaller, repositioned.

A new RF Earpiece "mounting pad", for lack of a better term. This is a tapered plateau added to side of the helmet itself, it ca be seen in the last pic. I can put a comparison shot up later to the original if there is enoug interest. The RF earpieces has been redesigned with crisp seems on the earcap as well.

The non-rangefinder earpiece is shorter

Cheek greeblie is added to moldm however it can be drilled out for mounting the brass fittings.

On with the pics ...













:eek: *passes out*

You have perfected perfection. My hat is off to you dude, you are an artistic Genius!
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:eek: :eek: :eek:

That is so so nice, and I thought that the original msh couldn't be improved upon.

Top bucket matey.

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I haven't even finished my MSH yet, and already I want to upgrade.

You make me sick. I deliberately waited to jump into this hobby until I got the MSH. "That's one piece *I* will never have to upgrade."

I hate you!


Wow!!! I'm well....speechless........

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I'm going to have to say more later because I'm in a bit of a hurry at the moment...but that looks absolutely perfect! Very nicely done!
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I find it hard to believe that anyone is going to top <font color="#33FF00">THIS bucket as far as aesthetic quality, detail, ESB movie accuracy,....Heck, as far as EVERYTHING is concerned!:eek:

FP, beyond any doubt, you have truly delivered all that this helmet was anticipated to be, despite any setbacks you may have had along the way (sorry to hear about the broken hand :(). I, for one, have felt like a kid waiting for Christmas to come, in the form of this bucket! So, needless to say, if Santa (that's you!:)) has started an interest list for all the good little Fetts who have been patiently waiting for this prop to materialize out of the ol' workshop, you know I would like to be on it!!:D

<font color="#0033CC">PM and email on the way...;)
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WOW, I may have to get one of these. How much do they cost?

...I want to upgrade.

Awesome!!!! I've been saving my pennies for this as well....

Umm, wow. Ya, what they said! Hello list.

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Truly great FP sorry to hear about the broken hand thing. I hope im still on the list to get one of these with all the other stuff I wanted also. I check the money almost everyday to make sure I havent accidently dipped into it. Its ready as soon as you are. Im still in shock over this helmet man.
FettPride,...:eek: I'm definitely speachless, drooling, and in love!!!

I've read so much about the MSH helmet (even though I have a Deluxe DP recast, already painted/weathered), but I see that you've MADE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE! I wish I could afford for one of these, but my money is reserved for some other stuff...(fiberglass upgrades sounds familiar to you? ;))

:cheers to you FettPride!!!

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I am going to sell off everything I own (with the exception of my SW collection, of course) to get one of these!

FettPride, welcome back! Sorry about your hand...and my persistent E-mails! :)

Awesome job on that. Folks, I think we're witnessing the holy grail of Fettdom. Now I look upon my DP Deluxe with disgust...

Just wondering- I know this helmet closely matches the ESB, and the mystery helmet more or less matches the ROTJ, do the two compare in size, not counting the difference in flare?
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wow ! Let me start by saying THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for the welcome back, as well as the condolences for my paw :D You're all as warm and fuzzy as you used to be ;) And I mean that in the most apreciative sense. That's what makes The Dented Helmet - "A Community" !

Most of you I have already exchanged PM's with today, so I'll try and answer those who have questions here.

Squirk - :lol: Well.. no lump. But there will always be a seam right out of the mold, if you're doing a two part mold that is. At this point it's up in the air, as to wether or not I will leave the seam or not. It depends on time. Rest assured tho ... prep will be a breeze either way ;)

Ego - I feel yer pain bud ... honest. I finished my bucket paint job, got it just the way I wanted it .. and I'm even upgrading .... :facepalm Realisticly, ya got to call the stops somewhere .. or we'll be 80 yrs old, white hair, (in my case on oxygen :lol:) and still combing the milky way (we are talking the future here, the internet won't won't cut it anymore) for the ultimate fett parts.... I do hear ya ;)

batninja - The MSH2, not including the flare (wich is wider than the MSH) The overall size and width of the dome, and front forward, is larger by about 1/4 inch or more in some areas, whereas the rear of the helmet (from the dome band to the bottom below the keyslots) is slightly shorter, by almost a 1/4 inch. Sounds strange I know, but I really don't know how else to describe it. If you''re looking at it from a fluid capacity point of view, the total volume of fluid it could hold is greater. Hmm? I'll have to try that ... fill'em up with water and see exactly how much .. never thought of doing that ;) Don't worry tho ... it's not a cheek rub'er :lol:

Once again .. THANKS TO ALL !

Cool. It'll be bigger than the one I have currently. I'll have to find one where my Hyperdyne servo system will fit comfortably. That annoying 'zhzhzheeeee' next to my ear is driving me nuts...
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