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Wow! Didn't realize he was a member. I love the 50% packs he made.
I figured he was a member, just didn't know his username til now. How can you be part of the Fett-Fandom and NOT be a part of TDH in some fashion or another?! ;) Once I complete the kit and painting, I'll toss my pack pics on his thread. I don't mind giving good folks a positive review on their products/services. (y)

At first I thought also that it was my model, but then I remembered that name and found this thread ==> 3D Printed, Boba Jetpack project and link for sales.
Gotta say, it didn't surprise me that YOU knew of this. Hehehe! I'm just glad it wasn't stolen plans and re-sold. I dislike putting money towards someone else's product only to find that it was a stolen idea/plans. Not too much honor in that. Now, if he had your expressed consent, then....that's fine. But as it turns out, this was indeed Coz3D's iteration of the Fett Pack, or as he calls it the "Fett Inspired Jet Pack Kit". And from the looks of that post, built from the ground up too! (y)



Can’t wait to see you paint it up! Great idea with installing the thrusters. In my case I had to glue them sense I wanted to run lights through them but your way still worked great!