3D Printed, Boba Jetpack project and link for sales


First off, I have a few for sale on Etsy occasionally if interested under Coz3D
Boba Fett Jetpack Kit, Boba Fett, Fett Jetpack,

My history:
The Boba jetpack is my white whale that I have been chasing for years. It was the last item that I scratch built for my fett costume and I have never been happy with the one I first built so I started to scratch build another based off of WizardofFlight's 15inch templates. Again, the second one wasn't quite what I wanted so me and another friend put our 3D modeling skills to use and are in the process of making a 3D printable pack.

My first build on the left, second build on the right (unfinished) that I've never been happy with due to the few problems I ran into on accuracy.

What we're hoping for is a lighter alternative to a resin kit. We chose the 15 inch because it seems to be the most popular size. We can scale it larger or small meaning we can print kids packs or packs for big people!

I have never been able to justify buying one of the beautiful resin/fiberglass kits that cost 350 or more because I'm cheap. I'm hoping this project makes a passable version of the jetpack that cost much much less if people are interested.

So far we're printing a 50% prototype. Here's our progress so far. We're making many adjustments as we go but it's coming alone.
IMG_4567.JPG IMG_4568.JPG IMG_4569.JPG

Is there any interest in me pursuing this in detail? Otherwise, I won't use the forum space and just make one for myself. Given how much work is going into this, we'd probably sell it as a kit if interested. Feel free to leave your thoughts.
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Made more progress this past week. Finally getting around to posting the pics. Still working on the 50% model. Started printing some full size parts but haven't started assembling them yet since I still have a few pieces that don't match perfectly yet. If you see anything obvious that needs to be fixed please let me know!
This has been a fun project and even learned 3D modeling from a friend in the process.

IMG_4581.JPG IMG_4582.JPG IMG_4583.JPG IMG_4588.JPG IMG_4589.JPG
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Honestly even though i make fiberglass jetpacks, i think this is definitely something you should keep at. Once you get everything dialed in, the option of being able to make ANY size is a great thing.. Not sure if you can get it much lighter than a fiberglass pack without going a little thin on the plastic and making it a little weaker, but you can def get it lighter than the resin packs. This is a good idea, i think you should run with it. Just keep in mind what it may cost someone if you were to sell them and if its worth your time to do them compared to the costs.

I also love the little test pack haha!
Our plan was to make a pack that would be great for children, women or men that are small framed. We could also do them for men with very large frames but I personally haven't seen a lot of big fetts out there.
Thanks for the positive feedback!
Getting close to putting these into production. The prototype is almost complete. We've made a lot of upgrades to the existing design. One that I'm very excited is a threaded main tank that can be removed for storage/transport. We also threaded the thrusters so they can be removed as well.

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This is looking very nice ! I really like the idea of being able to adjust the size if needed to be proportionate to your build !!!
Like everything....there's always growing pains when you make something new !! Looking forward to you progress pics !!!
More progress.... Finished the main body and side tank covers (not everything in the pic is glued yet). Have everything test printed full size (15 inch scale) and starting assembly to make sure everything matches up perfectly. You can see the seems because my current printer isn't large enough until I get a larger printer but it's going together nicely. The BEST part is we're projecting it to weigh only 5.5 pounds before paint and minor filler work!!!! It's going to be quite sturdy though. Not saying you can drive a car over it but you could have a jawa stand on it without any problems.
IMG_4636.JPG IMG_4637.JPG
Updated pics, still work to be done but we are getting closer every day!

This is where we stand right now. Everything on body glued except the side tank tubes and caps, those might a bit off, I haven't adjusted them yet. Those are just friction fitted right now. Worked on the rocket fins last night but don't have any pics yet.



We have changed the way the center collar attaches. The main center tank screws in and the rocket base now screw in (both are threaded to eliminate the problem of placement and make it possible to remove the entire rocket from the main tube/tank or above the tank that sticks up from the main body).

back view, not glued together yet.

removable door with the option to put magnets in to hold it secure.
I have set up the etsy store but haven't put anything on there yet. Still trying to build a small inventory first. Have 1 prototype pack and 1 that I'm almost done printing parts to sell as a kit then I'm starting a kid size. Any idea on sizing? 10 inch maybe?
Quick and dirty paint job but here's our 50% size ROTJ jetpack prototype. A few things are slightly off on this model compared to our full size but you get the idea.


A can of Mt Dew in the pic for size comarison on how compact this one is.
We can now print ANY size (realistically) of this pack. Only thing we still have to work on is the top behind the main tank. This model is a straight up back and does not have the flair when it meets the body.
It's been a long road but we're finally done with this project. 15 inch size in the pics below. Started a 12 inch kids size last night.

Best part is, threaded removable thrusters and threaded removable rocket for easy transport and storage.
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