Jet Pack Jetpack sizing for taller folk


New Hunter
Hey y’all, so I recently got my harness set up and finally mounted my jetpack, and now that I’ve got it against my body, I feel like it might be slightly too small for my height (I’m not seeking 501st approval btw). I 3d printed it at full scale from Slusho’s Z-6 files on thingiverse, and it looks amazing, but i’m thinking of reprinting it at about 115-120%, and making a new one for the con I’m going to in a month. I thought I’d ask here first about anyone’s thoughts on the matter, I’m trying to decide if I want to sit through another week of printing and then a more painting/stressing just for a slightly bigger pack, when all my friends tell me it looks fine, is already the biggest thing i’ve printed, and they don’t notice anything.

TLDR: Am I right about it being too small, or am I seeing things, I feel like the average person at the con won’t notice, unless they are also dressed as fett (i hope i see some!)
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