1. boba87fett

    Jetpack Recommendations

    I’ve read a couple threads and posts about jet packs being different sizes. What would you guys recommend for my ESB Boba? I’m 5’11” Please feel free to post photos of the different makes out there! Thanks!! Steven
  2. Mangofett185

    New to the Jango community

    Hey guys I'm a long time jango fett fan and new to the costume gang, anyways I'm making mine fairly cheaply (cardboard dont judge lol) anyways I've tried making the helmet and it went horribly, would love some feedback on how to make the helmet. Also started making his jetpack and I'm actually...
  3. MachineCraft

    MachineCraft Jetpack Stabilizer

    MachineCraft Aluminum Jetpack Stabilizer - Two-piece design includes body and knurled screw-in top - Matches found Michell part on all movie versions of the Boba Fett Jetpack - 1/4 tapped hole on bottom of piece for easy installation - CNC Machined from T6061 Aluminum - Made in the USA NOTE...
  4. Mugatu

    Jet Pack Only a Fett Fan would notice

    I saw this pic and thought it was hilarious... It’s some sort of hydraulic jack. AND a jetpack frame... albeit a very heavy one.
  5. drewthecostumer

    Let's talk Jetpack Harnesses

    Hey y'all! I'm in the process of rehabing my old Fett costume, and it's coming right along! Helmet is juuuust about there, paint is going on the armor, but there's one more part I want to replace. The Jetpack Harness. So here's the goal of this thread: What is the most "comfortable," way to...
  6. Demmoc

    3D Printed, Boba Jetpack project and link for sales

    First off, I have a few for sale on Etsy occasionally if interested under Coz3D Boba Fett Jetpack Kit, Boba Fett, Fett Jetpack, My history: The Boba jetpack is my white whale that I have been chasing for years. It was the last item that I scratch built for my fett costume and I have never...
  7. Arminace

    Jet Pack ROTJ Decals and markings on Bobas Jetpack

    Good morning, just wondering because i didn't find any. Does anyone have close ups of the decals and markings as well as detailed information where to place them? Best regards....your new member Peter
  8. TehEl1te

    Need help finding a good torso mannequin

    Hey guys... so I am on the hunt for a torso mannequin to display a bust of Fett. Ideally the belt and up. The catch for me is the jetpack. Does anyone have any good ideas for a bust style mannequin that can support a jetpack? I can find plenty of torsos but I was wondering if any of you do...
  9. S

    Long shot, here goes: Jetpack Commission?

    Anyone able to build TWO jetpacks, non-painted? These would be for two children 40" tall. They don't need to be screen accurate, don't need to be perfect, prefer these to be made out of inexpensive, cheap materials. I know, it is very close to Halloweeen, and scaled-down jetpacks are a lot...
  10. Fettastic

    Jet Pack Boba Fett ESB JetPack Paintup for GCNgamer128

    Hey Team, Just thought I'd share the results of my latest JetPack paintup for Andy's ESB Boba Fett. And I still need to paint the little squares black next to the red piano keys.