3d printing

  1. stryker181

    ESB High Poly count STL files ESB Sidearm

    In getting into resin printing I realised that higher poly files are easier for post processing of the prints. As I had already downloaded and FDM printed Rafalfett's files I knew that this would be a great place to start. My adventure to date has been to modify these files so that they can be...
  2. stryker181

    High Res 3D Armour

    So I am going through the exact same process that TheMechanix has to create the dents in the RafalFetts files. What I can say is that they are bar none the best files to work with. I am also no expert in remeshing 3D files so if I can do it then anyone can. The biggest challenge is having...
  3. Ghosthippy

    New to Forum / Want to start a Commander Cody Build / Need Help

    Hello, I am looking into building my own Commander Cody (ROTS) Costume from 3d printed parts and have a CR-10S. I am looking for any information on STL. or OBJ. files that can be purchased or are shared free online. If you have any tips on where I should look or who I should talk to, please let...
  4. boba87fett

    Is it possible to end up with no print lines on a *finished* 3D printed prop??

    Hi everyone, I’m wondering if anyone has been able to 3d print props and then finish them in a way that yields zero visible print lines? Please post high quality photos if you know of any and how they achieved it. Also, what filament was used. Thanks! Steven
  5. Demmoc

    3D Printed, Boba Jetpack project and link for sales

    First off, I have a few for sale on Etsy occasionally if interested under Coz3D Boba Fett Jetpack Kit, Boba Fett, Fett Jetpack, My history: The Boba jetpack is my white whale that I have been chasing for years. It was the last item that I scratch built for my fett costume and I have never...
  6. shenphong

    General Short Boba Fett build for Halloween

    A few folks here have known that I am the current owner of the FP Fem Fett molds with the 3/4 size jetpack and have owned them for a few years now without doing much with them. Goal was to make a costume for my wife but sadly life got in the way and that got pushed back after a few moves...