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Hello Fellow Fett's!
I've been on my journey for a movie quality version of the ROTJ Boba Fett. My journey started back in November 2019, since then I've been researching and obtaining the various parts needed to make this happen. It all started while trick or treating with my daughter (Halloween 2019). While out, we came across one of our communities costume display's. Our community puts these on the main drag in our little city so that when trick or treater's go by, they can stop and meet the characters. One of which was Star Wars. (My daughter is the one in the "Carmen San Diego" costume)
COTR - Halloween.jpg

As you can see, the costumes were a hit with the kids and fans of Star Wars alike. I know the person who puts on these community displays and had asked if they'd let me join their ranks as a Boba Fett. I told him of the project I'm intending to do and he said that'd be awesome (Assuming we're able to have Halloween in 2020 that is) and that I'd be welcome to join them!

I originally started with the idea of using my 95' Don Post Boba Fett Helmet that my girlfriend then (Now my wife) had gotten me for Christmas in '95. After a bit of research, it was my intention was to do a "Budget Build" that'd be about $1500.00, the intention was to be better than a Rubies costume but not go overboard with much of the work done myself.
Don Post 1.jpg

Don Post 2.jpg

The Don Post Boba Fett Helmet, while a decent display piece, I quickly found out was not up to par. I even went so far as to dremel out the T-Visor with the intention of throwing in a Welders visor from Amazon.
Don Post 3.jpg

Don Post 5.jpg

I quickly abandoned this idea and after some forum discussions with some of the fellow members on TDH and found it'd be better to just invest in a quality bucket! I'll complete the Don Post Project for display purposes, but that's about it. Which leads me into my list of things that I've acquired thus far. As I said before I originally wanted to do a budget build and spend about $1500.00. However, that tune quickly changed as I kept upselling myself into bigger and better things, there was just way too many cool things out there on the market that I couldn't say "No" to. Since then, that price tag has gone quickly from $1500 to $6500. Here is my list and current status thus far:

Full Flight SuitArkadyReceived
GlovesMan of War Studios (MoW)Retired
GlovesMike MReceived
BootsImperial BootsReceived
CapeObtained via eBay - US Army Half Shelter - Self MadeReceived
GirthbeltMoW StudiosReceived
Ammo BeltDelta 13 LeatherworksReceived
Wookie BraidsObtained via eBay from katarra8Retired
Wookie BraidsWoodmanReceived
HelmetBoba MakerReceived
Metal Borden Connector (for Helmet)Etsy - QuestDesignCanadaReceived
Armor - CollarBoba MakerReceived
Armor - BackBoba MakerReceived
Armor - Chest (Painted/Weathered by Boba Maker)Boba MakerReceived
Armor - Shoulder (Painted/Weathered by Boba Maker)Boba MakerReceived
Armor - CodBoba MakerReceived
Armor - KidneyBoba MakerReceived
Armor - Knee's (Painted/Weathered by Boba Maker)Boba MakerReceived
Armor - Chest LED'sFettronicsReceived
Armor - Metal Studs (Collar/Back & Cod/Kidney)Etsy - QuestDesignCanadaReceived
GauntletsBoba MakerReceived
Gauntlet - Metal Flamethrower NozzlesMachine Craft (From y2gabe2 on TDH's Cargo Hold)Received
Gauntlets - Metal DartsEtsy - QuestDesignCanadaReceived
Gauntlets - RocketEtsy - QuestDesignCanadaReceived
Gauntlets - HoseHome DepotReceived
Z-6 JetpackBoba MakerReceived
Z-6 JetpackEtsy - Coz3DRetired
Jetpack - Metal Beacon w/LEDEtsy - QuestDesignCanadaRetired
Jetpack - Metal BeaconBoba MakerReceived
Jetpack - LED SystemEtsy - QuestDesignCanadaReceived
Jetpack - Metal StabilizerEtsy - QuestDesignCanadaRetired
Jetpack - Metal StabilizerBoba MakerReceived
Jetpack Thruster GreebliesEtsy - QuestDesignCanadaReceived
Jetpack - Metal ExhaustEtsy - QuestDesignCanadaReceived
Jetpack - Smoke KitSpoon MakesReceived
Jetpack - HarnessMoW StudiosReceived
Jetpack - (New) HarnessBigDaneReceived
EE-3 BlasterEtsy - AprilStormPropsRetired
EE-3 BlasterSidewinderReceived
Shin Tools - MoWMoW StudiosRetired
Shin Tools (Found Parts - Squeegee)PattersonReceived
Voice BoxMiCom 2.0 - SoundRigReceived
20w Speaker for MiCom 2.0 (MR2300)Voice BoosterReceived
Trond Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver V5.0 (Bought 2)AmazonReceived
Decal - Helmet KillstripesDeLucks Design - Luckysy31Received
Decal - Jetpack MarkingsDeLucks Design - Luckysy31Received

A pretty comprehensive list and I'm sure I'm leaving a few things out. But as you can see I've landed on Arkady, Boba Maker, QuestDesignCanada and Machine Craft Replica's as my primary weapons contractors! ;) Much of the list is complete and again total spent thus far is about $6500 right now.

I just thought I'd hop on the "WIP Train" with everyone as I go through my journey for this ROTJ build. I have more pics and more of the story to follow. Stay tuned!

One last thing, it should be noted that I'm NOT looking to get 501st approved. However, I am basing my build on the 501st ROTJ Hero variant. I'm just wanting a costume that looks movie quality. I MAY try for 501st approval at a later date, but not a priority for me at the moment.

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The Boot's! These we're the 1st thing I got when I started this build. I actually picked them up as part of a Black Friday deal from Imperial Boots. I think I paid $100 for em'! Cool thing about it was that the Metal Toe Spikes came with them as an added bonus! (y)

I don't have a before pic, but I think a stock photo from their site should suffice.
Boba Fett Boots.jpg

And then using some of these paints, mixed with water, I very carefully painted on that black stripe.
Paints for Boots.jpg

Fett's Boots.jpg

I still have yet to weather them, and am wanting to do so, via Airbrush. (I didn't have the airbrush yet at the time of this pic)

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Next up......I ordered and received my Girthbelt, Jetpack Harness and Gloves from Man of War Studios! (y)

Again, I’m not wanting or looking for 501st approval at the moment. I decided on MoW’s Jetpack Harness as many here on TDH have said it is very comfortable to wear. And has that added benefit of being low profile as well.
MoW Items.jpg

Now, I'm aware that I may be hit with some criticism here, but I actually opt'd to go with MoW's ESB Girthbelt......Why? Because it seemed to have the closer of the two colors that he offered for least in my eyes. You will find that the 501st has the color of the ROTJ Girthbelt listed as....
ROTJ Girthbelt Color.jpg

For those that don't know, MoW offers two Girthbelts, which are ESB and ROTJ, they look like this.....
MoW Girthbelt Offerings.jpg

And when you compare that against the 501st pic of the Boba Fett ROTJ Hero Costume.....
Boba Fett - Girth Belt Comparison.jpg

Which looks closer? :unsure: MoW’s ESB Girthbelt looked the closest, so I went with that. I originally had the idea of getting a girthbelt off of Amazon and was gonna attempt to try dyeing it myself, but found this to be the closest and easiest solution for around the same price.

The MoW's gloves are another topic for debate, as it seems they are a bit darker in the 501st reference picture. I may attempt to try and darken them up just a bit more. But how to do that and not stain the silk padding? o_O

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Next in the line of stuff that I've ordered and obtained is the Wookie Braids. I got these from a user calling herself "katarra8" off of eBay. I originally ordered these from her...
ROTJ Wookie Braids.jpg

However after reviewing the 501st Wookie Braid Reference picture, I noticed this purchase had it's flaws. The first thing was that it's didn't have the colored thread wraps. Second those knots referred to as the "Pineapple Knots" we're not on there. And third, the Grey Wookie Braid seemed to be missing. I started with the Grey Braid and picked up katarra8’s ESB variant of Wookie Braids. (My daughter got the leftovers braids hehehe!)
ESB Wookie Braids.jpg

I then proceeded to hack it up to get it more in line with the 501st's reference pic. I knew it wouldn't be exact as there are other variances too. Here is what the 501st lists as being acceptable.
Wookie Braids.jpg

A HUGE "Thanks" shout out to ShortFuse as he offered me some of his leather Pineapple Knot material. By then we were pretty well locked down from COVID-19, so most places were not even open. I took him up on his generous offer. (y) I then researched via YouTube on what knot to tie and how to tie it. Even though the 501st calls it a "Pineapple Knot" I found that this user on YouTube called it a "Ginfer Knot". It certainly looked to be the closest. Here is that YouTuber's iteration of how he ties the knot:

I tried a few times to tie it directly on the braid and after some time couldn't do it and make it look decent. I then had the idea of tying it on a pencil and then simply transferring it to the Braid. Which after doing, was pretty happy with the end results. But the actual tying of the knot and transferring the knots to the braid was NOT a fun process in this build. (I thought builds were supposed to be fun? :p ) Here was the end results....
Iron's Wookie Braids.jpg

I'm sure not passable by 501st standards, but I think they look worlds better than the "Stock" katarra8 braids, and a passable knock off. ;) For those interested in how I secured the thread and leather knots. I simply used a tiny drop of super glue which holds in place.

The intention is to upgrade to a set of Woodman braids in the New Year! (y)

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Next up, experimenting on an EE-3 Blaster.
Now that I had some time to kill as my flight suit was ordered and most of my armor was ordered too. I thought I'd take a stab at some painting and try to hone my skills. With that I ordered a Rubies EE-3 Blaster to test on. I did order a full size ROTJ EE-3 from April Storm Props and that actual should be in my possession in a couple weeks. I figure once I finish the Don Post Helmet, that I can display the Rubies EE-3 next to it. (y)

Once I received the Rubies EE-3 I started to work on it. (Mind you I still did not have my airbrush) Here are some before pics of the Rubies EE-3.....
Rubies EE-3 Blaster 1.jpg

Not really knowing what to do I turned to a very helpful YouTube video. This is what I saw and what gave me the inspiration:

I felt like his production was really good and entertaining to watch as well. :)

....and so I started, I pretty much followed Cosplay Chris' video and used the same rattle can primer & paints from Rustoleum and Model Masters. (Grey Primer & Flat Black and Silver/Chrome)
Rubies EE-3 Blaster 2.jpg

Rubies EE-3 Blaster 3.jpg

Rubies EE-3 Blaster Silver Scuffs.jpg

I've completed it up to the rusting right now.....there is a Rust kit from Vallejo that I'm keen to obtain.

Vallejo Rust Kit.jpg

Once I get that I'll knock it out! More to follow on this.

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Man does some of the stuff take a bit to get here. I had some more time and decided to stain my Gauntlet hoses that I got from Home Depot. Since we're not coffee drinkers here in my home - except for my wife, but she's got a Keurig. To do this, I got a "Traveler" from Starbucks (Pike Place Roast), which would be alot of K-Cups, hahaha! and dumped it into a cheap tupperware container.
Starbucks Traveler and Staining Bin.jpg

I tossed the Gauntlet hoses in and after 3 days of sitting in the bath I got them to look like this....
Gauntlet Hoses.jpg

I took the picture with them sitting next to the unstained roll of hose I have. You can really see the difference. (y) I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. Next I'll hit them with some Black and Brown from my Airbrush when I get it. And it just so happened that on this day my Arkady Full Flight Suit Arrived!

More to come....

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Now that I have my flight suit I decided to make some alterations with the stuff I had on hand. As you probably seen in the last update my Gauntlet stained hoses had some metal bolted on them, which are picture hangers that I bought from Lowes some time ago but never used. Here is a close up of it hooked up to the hoses (Pre-Stained)...
Hose Coupling.jpg

The hose shown in this picture actually went to mattman1138 who is currently building himself an ESB Fett. ;)

I then examined Arkady's Flight Suit which fit great by the way! And couldn't for the life of me figure out how she was meaning to have the 3 hoses attach. After some time in trying to figure it out, I decided to operate a bit and remove the quick disconnect components she had on there, and develop my own method which I think will work well....
Hose and Flight Suit.jpg

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I know this isn't official Boba Fett gear but after watching "The Mandalorian" I couldn't resist. I picked up a "Tracking Fob" from a seller on Etsy. The idea is to keep it in my hip pouch and maybe pull it out from time to time (As a nod to "The Mandalorian" ;)) I can imagine that Boba in his journey had his fair share of these devices, so it's not that far fetched to think he didn't have em'. The kit arrived and I was shocked at the quality for being only $15.00!
The Mandalorian and My Tracking Fob.jpg

It assembled pretty easy and I thought it looked good. I may sand down the 3D's print lines later, but for now am pleased with it. And how does it look in Arkady’s Hip Pouch? It fit great!
Fob and Pouch.jpg

Fob in Pouch.jpg

I also soaked my right Hip Pouch in the same coffee bath as my gauntlet hoses for an hour, and let it dry and this was the result...
Hip Pouches 1st Bath.jpg

The next day I let it soak for another three hours (While periodically taking it out to check on it), and got this result...
Hip Pouches 2nd Bath.jpg

A bit darker, and I like the way it dried too, looks naturally weathered. I mean I'll hit it with some additional browns and black weathering effects later, but for now, looks good I think.

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The ROTJ braid is actually the repurposed Pre-Pro #1 braid (you can find lots of images in the Gallery under the Pre-Pro #1 and the MoM/DaG/SWtE exhibits), while the ROTJ SE braid is a repurposed Pre-Pro #3/ESB braid in poor state.

RafalFett - A true “Boba Fett Historian”! ;) One wonders if you don’t work for Lucasfilm/Disney or even as a consultant for them. Hahaha! I’m not sure TDH would be the same if you hadn’t been here from the get go. I definitely look at your posts and take your advice where needed. Thanks for all you do for us!(y)

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Following you build. Looking good!!
I was wondering how I was going to weather my gauntlet hoses. Thought I read somewhere else that coffee was the way to go, you cemented the idea.
It makes them smell good too. :lol:
The only downside is mine came out a little sticky.
Well smelling good is in the eye of the beholder. I actually don't drink coffee and don't particularity care for the smell, but if it gets the job done.....

If it comes out sticky can't you just wash it or will the staining come off too?
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