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The helmet is super nice- now I wonder after looking at my 2015 FPH2 how does the damage change over the last 5 years? Not dramatically but there are differences that I see.
It is a great bucket indeed! I hope I can do it justice in painting it up. Daz is a great guy to do business with, for those that haven't had the pleasure. Quick to answer questions and his customer service is top-notch. From the moment when I started on my ROTJ journey, in doing research it always seemed to me that the FPH2 was the "Crème De La Crème" bucket to get! Have we now approached the era where it is going to be surpassed? :unsure:

I love how Daz puts on this particular product (Squared out in RED)......
BM Helmet VX.jpg

One wonders where he got his info from, regarding his new changes. Was it painstaking examination close up shots of the movie? Does he have an inside source at Disney or LucasFilm Ltd. or ILM who has given him direct intelligence? In any case. An OUTSTANDING job on his newest iteration of the ROTJ Bucket! What an honor to have such a great piece!



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He had a great base, lots of reference pictures of the original helmets, and some of the best sculpting hands. No need to study shota of the movie when you have tons of images from MoM, Exhibition, etc.

Also, the FPH2 was never a good RotJ base, I would have used a MR cast better.


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**Jetpack Update - Picture Heavy**

Here it is....My Jetpack build. I just want to re-iterate that I'm not looking for 501st approval and I'm sure that in many eye's probably not 100% accurate. But after a month of assembling, accidentally breaking - repairing and all the taping, bagging and painting, here is what I came up with.... (Be easy on me.....I know its amateur hour. :lol:)

So, I ended up getting Coz3D's Jetpack which can be found on Etsy. I was wanting a cheap Jetpack that looked the part and something I could hopefully take to the next level. In the interest in taking it to that next level, I've otp'd to upgraded several parts on this kit. And those parts are:
QuestDesignCanadaMetal Beacon with LED (with Steady LED and Pulse LED Options)
QuestDesignCanadaMetal Stabilizer
QuestDesignCanadaMetal Thruster Greeblies
Full Metal FettMetal Hooks and Rings
Obtained from a friendMetal Rivets
DeLucks DesignsROTJ Jetpack Decals

Here was the kit as I got it...
Coz3D Jetpack Kit.jpg

After some light sanding to get some components to fit correctly I used Gorilla Glue Gel and was able to get it all assembled...
Coz3d Jetpack Assembled.jpg

Knowing that this 3D print was done up in PLA (as most kits are) I opt'd to go with a product by Smooth-On called "XTC-3D" to assist in the smoothing out of those pesky "print lines".
XTC 3D.jpg

I gotta tell you this stuff does an amazing job with very little effort. And can attest that it does indeed hide the print lines quite well as you've probably seen on my EE-3. (y)

You can see the posts above of the XTC-3D /Primer work (As well as that repair I had to do - Post #186). And here is the paints I decided on.
HumbrolMatt 104 - Oxford Blue
HumbrolMatt 73 - Wine
Vallejo (Game Air Series)72.707 Gold Yellow
TamiyaX-11 - Silver/Chrome
TamiyaX-2 - White

Jet Pack Paints.jpg

Here it is all Silver/Chome'd up...
Jet Pack Stand 2.jpg

.....I've been used to Tamiya X-11 and other paints, and they all sprays great with a little Airbrush Flow Improver. But the Blue from Humbrol? My lord was this stuff really thick. Had to use 3 to 4 times as much Airbrush Flow Improver to get it to shoot. But here is the layer of Blue.
Blue Pic 1.jpg

I won't go through every Color, but I can tell you that a lot of time was spent taping and bagging the JP to get it prepped to paint on the next color.

I did want to go over my review of DeLucks Decals I got them back in spring of this year and they looked great! However, I did notice that the main tank decals (The symbols that sit in-between the black stripes on the tanks) didn't look correct. Sadly, I set them aside and decided to hand draw my own. Now go ahead and laugh at this next part because what I did here was rather silly, but in my eyes worked great. Using a piece of hobby tape I darkened my room and resized the 501st CRL photo to be about the correct size for my JP and stuck it to my monitor.
Copy from 501st CRL.jpg

Using a pencil I traced the symbol. I then removed the tape and stuck it to a piece of Plexiglass and cut it out.
Taped to Plexiglass and Cutting.jpg

I looked at it and compared it to DeLucks Decal....
DeLucks vs Handmade.jpg

I like my iteration of it and decided to use it. I got it applied and painted on.
Paint Applied.jpg

The end result?
End Result.jpg

The other decals I ended up using and it may have just been that I've had the decals for an extended period, but they were quite difficult to get off the backing and onto the transfer tape. I had to start peeling the transfer tape and then lay it flat on the table and then sharply turning the backing and onto the transfer tape. This process worked and was quite pleased with how they looked!
Decal Peeling.jpg

I really liked those rivets on the 501st's CRL photo, something that the Coz3D JP didn't come with. These rivets are installed on the right hand side of the JP on the white section. A buddy of mine had a few rivets lying around and graciously made a contribution. ;) Here are those rivets....
The Rivets.jpg

Using a vice, I gently knocked the pins out and tossed them.
Knocking Out Pins.jpg

I drilled out two holes (The drill bits I used were 9/64 and 13/64)
Drill in Holes.jpg

The simply dropped right in for a perfect fit! (y)
Preset Rivets.jpg

I then drilled out two shallow holes in a scrap piece of 2X4 for painting...
Paint Rivets.jpg

Once dried I got em set in place using the Gorilla Super Glue Gel.

After the painting was completed I installed the Magnets (For the back cover) which are super strong magnets by the way, and the Full Metal Fett - Hooks.
Magnets and Hooks Installed.jpg

And after about a months worth of work, the final reveal.....
JP - Front.jpg

JP - Left Side.jpg
JP- Right Side.jpg

And again, I'm not going after a 501st certification here, but to me.....I'm very pleased with how this JP turned out. I'm sure there are more than a few discrepancies with this pack. But not too bad for a first-timer, eh?

Oh! I also wanted to share with you the two lighting options I got from QuestDesignCanada.

First the Steady Light:

And Second the Pulsing Light:

I know the Pulsing Light is something that didn't occur in either the ESB or ROTJ (unless I"m mistaken) but it was an option that QDC was offering and for just a few bucks more....I thought, why not?

With only a couple weeks left till Halloween, I'll be on Helmet paint-up duty!


P.S. I'll more than likely be getting a Boba Maker Pack in 2021. may see this pack listed in the Cargo Hold during Q4 of 2021.
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Amazing work!!! I love it.
Can't wait to see what you do with the helmet.

I have a vinyl cutter. Small cuts are tricky to get to stay on the transfer paper. When they get old they get even more difficult to work with.


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Thanks for the generous word fellas! :)

...and quick update on my Helmet. I got around to boring out the hole for the QuestDesignCanada Borden Connector. I used a drill bit and then finished it off with the Dremel tool. I do NOT wanna run the risk of cracking this fiber glass. Looks like it'll do nicely too.

Bored Hole for QDC Borden.jpg

Fit's good.jpg

I then proceeded to get the Silver/Chrome applied...
Silver Chrome Applied.jpg

Using a set of RafalFett 's stencils I got the base layer of Silver damage transferred and the Humbrol Maskol applied. And ultimately the Dark Grey (I used Tamiya XF-77 - IJN Grey).
Back Panels - Dark Grey.jpg

I picked up a XL PASGT Helmet Suspension System and Sweatband. But found it was a bit too big. I re-ordered a size Large. I couldn't remember from my US Army days what size Kevlar I had. o_O I bought an XL Rucksack & Frame (and still have it!) The issued Large Rucksack wasn't big enough to hold all my stuff. It should be here on the 27th, which I hope to have my Helmet completed by then. Gotta keep up the pace. I took PTO from work this week (Back to work on Thursday though) to get a kickstart on it all. (y)

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....Also received my soft parts back from my Alterations Girl. Once again she did an awesome job. Here's a rundown of what she did.

1) Attached the Full Metal Fett Hooks to the White Straps for my MoW Studios Jetpack Harness.
Full Metal Fett Hook Added to MoW Vest.jpg

2) Also got Holes cut into my Arkady Vest to run the White Jetpack Straps through.
Holes Cut on Arkady Vest for Jetpack Straps.jpg

3) Flight Suit - Attached Velcro for Knee and Cod Armor. Also Sew'd in a Hole to route my Headset wire through (Aker Voice Box).
Velcro and Hole Added to Flight Suit.jpg

Armor Attached - Headset Wire Routed.jpg

4) Sew'd on pocket for Aker Speaker on my Arkady Vest - with hole to run speaker wire through it. (Hidden under Gut Armor)
Pocket Added for Speaker.jpg

Heres the Speaker....

...and here's what it looks like with the Gut Armor attached. See? Nothing shows! (y)
Armor Attached - Not showing Speaker or Pocket.jpg

And here's a side view. Shouldn't interfere with Armor too much. ;)
Curved Armor.jpg

How does it sound? Not sure, but a preliminary test yielded that it doesn't have that reverberation feed back nonsense. (y) But I'll let ya guys know what I think of it, once fully suited up and can run a valid test. But hopes and confidence are high!

More to follow...

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