Interest in Zam 3D Files/Printed Parts


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Hey Zam Friends,

Some friends who are starting new builds had mentioned that they were wishing someone made 3D prints/files for some of Zam's items. So I have been getting more into modeling, so if I made them available for a small price (depending on the time spent on the files, probably $30-40 for all the parts files) would anyone be interested here? I know there is a severe lack of Zam files for parts and whatnot, but figuring I will start with helmet, gauntlets, chest and belt greeblies and just go from there.

So if you're interested will you like/comment here so I can get a gauge. If its mostly just main parts (helmet, greeblies, armor stuff) than I just want to focus time on that and not spin wheels on minor stuff folks can make from scratch easier.

Thanks all!