I can finally take Zam out of the box


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After years of hating having my stuff in boxes I've finally begun work on my prop room. I haven't made it into the toy room yet but I have the carpet and paint ready to go ;)






The mannequin is about 5" too tall but it's fine. At least the shinguards and gauntlets hide it ;) I had to make the head..... need one of those DCB zam heads......anyone have one for sale? ;)








I plan to put a lighted panel behind the characters like a death star wall and I'll put 16 x 20 screen capture photos above each character to show reference. It's in a temporary state right now. I only need another 7 mannequins :shock: By the time I acquire the 7 I'll probably need 7 more ;)
:eek: Heaven on earth.....*sigh*

That is one nice prop room you have going can't wait to see this toy room.
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Words can't do it justice; this is shaping up to be a fine room well done Moncal! Good luck and continued success on your progress. Just wow. :eek: :love
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The Zam and Tusken are especially impressive! And perfect mannequins for all of them I notice. Could you share where you got them from?
Thanks all!! :)

The RG mannequin is a pvc frame that I made. I'm not happy with it at all. I'm going to get a real mannequin one of these days for it.... after my other mmmm. 7 costumes have mannequins ;)

The TK mannequin I've had for a long time. I picked it up at an indoor flea market.

The Zam and Tusken mannequins I just picked up at a couple Mervyn's stores since they're closing down.

I really gotta get one for my Fett though ..... that's next!! :)
Excellent job, I love it! One day I'll get around to finishing my basement into a prop room, I just don't have nearly as many props to fill it with.


Awesome stuff man. That's exactly what my dream prop room looks like. But I only have it on paper. You have the real deal.

Great job!!
Dang!!! You don't need to travel to FIDM! You've got your own personal SW costume display right there!!! :D :D When are you opening up for tours? How much are tickets? ;)

Seriously - that is just AWESOME!!!! (y)
I am officially jealous ;) I have a prop room, but can't get any mannequins cheap! Zam's still in the bag! They're all friggin $200 plus for the bendies. Awesome collection. When we get our downstairs finished (looks like never, but I can dream) And the basement can turn into a prop room, I am totally thinking glass cases (who wants to dust?)
Holy Crap!!!! that kicks you know what!!

great collection. beef up on the home insurance on that one. i always stress about that :)

great job on the displays!!! cant wait to see the toy room.


Thanks all for the compliments!!! I am excited to finally get to work on it. I wish I could afford to keep going every day ;) I got lucky and scored a couple mannequins at Mervyn's.

Yvonne, I know what you mean. Just keep it in your mind and do some sketches from time to time for floor plan etc. and you will get to it one of these days.

Maulmaus hehehe..... It's as close as I can get to go to the FIDM ;) thanks!!
It took me a couple years to get my wife to accept my hobby and now she's all about it :) . Of course it started when the first photos of Zam were released and she said I want that one!!! ;) Now she wants me to make more for her.
Truly fantastic!! I love the case with the before and after - Flashgun, calculator to light sabers display. It is great when you can get the wife involved. Mine is just starting to come around to accepting my addiction, but we have made the leap you have.

Congratulation on a assume porp room.

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I want a room like that! I even got an autographed pic of R2-D2, signed by kenny baker himself, and a picture of me and him. the problem is, We live in a crappy house, and I would'nt have enough room for any of the stuff I'd want.
still, great room. It's just one of those rooms I'd want for my house for the next 15 years. It's just brilliant!
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