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Since the beginning of the ROTJ fett helmet project I've had countless inquiries about its availability to board members. With this post I wanted to take a minute to answer this question and possibly a few others... Although recent events have no reflection on this decision, the ROTJ helmet does not have a foreseeable production date. With the current flooding of recasted mystery helmets and the struggle to keep ones hard work safe from these practices, the ROTJ helmet is a bit to unique and taking the chance of it getting recasted isn't worth it.

Why do I consider this helmet unique? Last year FP had the privilege to study and handle a real deal PrePro helmet with the very generous courtesy of a collector of screen used and production used pieces... During this time nuances, measurements, and details were incorporated into FPs sculpt which achieved a new level of accuracy never before seen with a fan based piece. Again, in light of the current trend of recasting of Fett pieces, the ROTJ doesn't have much chance of being released.

Does this suck??? Yeah, I think it absolutely does... The ROTJ project was done for the members of this board specifically, as well as for ourselves. Until we find a better way to protect the work from recasters this is where we're at. Since there has been SO much interest even long after the fact of showing the helmet on this board I felt it necessary to address it here.

As far as the rest of FPs parts are concerned, some members have ventured a guess that FP may not be producing these items in the future. This statement couldn't be more wrong. If you seek info on anything else, please feel free to contact me...

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:cry This is a sad sad day for the ROTJ fans out there. But FP's decision is totaly undersandable. It must have been incredible, to be able to handle the real deal. Keep up the great work, and keep us posted on any other projects you guys are working on. It is always nice to see a great prop, even if it is not Fett related.

Thats too bad these won't become available. It was an awesome piece!!! Its quite understandable though why FP is reluctant to produce these. Bummer:(

I've never got to see the actual piece of the ROTJ helmet, but the decision he made is very understandable. there may be another opportunity available sometime in the future i guess us fans will have to wait...
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It's sad, but those people that support recasters, are part of the reason this sort of thing happens. In light of recent events, I've even been including "signature" details into the pieces I make, just in case I have to prove something at a later date.

That's something I wish would happen. Have some sort of tell, almost like a fingerprint to each in casting that only you would know about.
I agree with JD. The whole reason I only make a limited # of copies of my work is to try & reduce the chances of it being recasted. I also have started initialing & numbering the inside of my helmets & I keep a log of who & where it went to. Not to mention, if you are a newbie, you are going to have a much more difficult time acquiring pieces from vendors.
Just wanted to stop in to let everyone know I'm getting through the high volume of PMs I've received in the last week. I will get to you all individually ASAP! Thanks much...

This is the primary reason I never made castings of my original helmet buck available and if I do/did, the copies would be expensive just to cover my chances that if it's copied I got my investment back.

If you make anything for public purchase you are accepting a liability of having it copied and every piece you sell just increases that liability. I mean no offense to anyone but the law of large numbers dictates that the more copies you make the higher the chances of it getting into the wrong hands. I totally agree with FP's decision it's a sensible smart move he definitely is making the right call without a doubt.

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