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I’ve been building on and off a Boba Fett costume for for the last 2 years 3D printing parts whenever I get the chance. Last month I decided to really dedicate sometime and finish what I had started, I decided to re print all of the armor since the armor I had made was still incomplete and not as accurate as I wanted. I bought the ROTJ Boba Fett armor files with gauntlets from MinuteFett on Etsy and have printed most of the armor parts just missing the knees and cod piece at this point but had some trouble with painting. I want to do this on a budget so I thought that I’d paint it with cheap Walmart acrylic paints but don’t have any hobby shops near to compare the correct colors to these. Does anyone have a chart to what colors I could get or mix to paint with?
Yeah I’ll probably have to mix some paint but was wondering if anyone knew of colors close to those of the hobby paints that have been used as the color base for the helmets and armor cause even finding the spray paints that some people use is pretty hard close to me.
There are no correct colors, just use the closest colors that you see from the available references, you'll probably have to mix colors
For the armor I've used straight up Coach Green from Archive-X. Also a mixture of SP Yellow Armor and Rust to achieve the different levels of orange for the shoulders and knees.

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