1. Krewkid82

    krewkid82's ESB W.I.P.

    Hello TDH, This post will be about me and my journey to becoming a Fett. I will be documenting my first W.I.P. for an entry level ESB Boba Fett. I plan to join the 501st and then slowly progress to a higher level later down the road. I’ve been researching, buying parts, researching some more...
  2. Tom Walker

    ESB Boba Fett Helmet - Scratch Build - Pic Heavy!

    Hello everyone! I've been lurking on these forums for a while now and thought it best to join properly. Not so long ago someone approached me about building an ESB Boba Fett helmet (and being a big star wars fan I jumped at the request!). I decided to go down the scratch building method, as I...
  3. Big Game

    Big Games First ESB Fett wip

    Hey there everyone! This will be my first thread detailing my build for an ESB Fett. I’m sure it’s gonna be a slow build as I work in the film industry which consistently requires long hours and sometimes weekends. On top of that my wife who supports me doing this but will also want my attention...
  4. EvanDallas

    EvanDallas ESB Fett Build

    Greetings all I've been researching and collecting parts for a long time. This forum has been an endless sea of knowledge and much thanks to you all. Being realistic I know I'll be making loads of mistakes on the way so this thread will serve as my learning guide. With that said, if anyone...
  5. SeaMarshall

    Sea Marshall: ESB Fett WIP

    Greetings TDH Community. I've decided to put together an ESB Fett and have collected a number of items over several months and plan to knock out a lot of the build in what little free time that I have. I have already begun, but the progress has been slow. I aim to pick up the pace and hopefully...