1. TheHolyLasagna

    Best colours for armor

    The colors are mostly straigt forward but Some of them can be interpeterd different like The helmen is it grey or c if you have any idea
  2. ThisIsTheWay453

    This Is The Way, I Hope

    I am trying to build Mando's Armor for myself. I plan to use it for airsoft as well as cosplay, so I need something that is going to with stand running around, laying down, kneeling, running through trees, water, tripping and falling (lets be serious here), and of course being hit by bbs...
  3. Mrpanic241

    Weathering advice (too much or too little?)

    Hey Dented helmet, I finally started weathering my ROTJ armor and I am not sure if I have gone too overboard or if it needs more. I've read that once you think its too much, its probably done. That being said, advice is appreciated. The posted pictures are of the armor with black and gray...
  4. Draigo90

    Consultation about Tie Pilot Armor

    Hello, I wanted to ask about stores to buy a Tie Pilot armor. Members of the garrison 501 in Spain have recommended Armor-Factory (Buy Black Pilot | Armour Factory Store). Their members have spoken to me very well about Armor Factory and I would like to know if someone has bought an armor from...
  5. Strikerkc

    Need held to ID maker of armor pieces

    Hi all, I've got a partial set of boba fett hard armor plates, still raw from being pulled, and I can't remember what manufacturer they are from. I remember at the time, I was able to look up the name and see what full sets went for, and see that they were an actual company in business, but...
  6. C

    Best rattlecan for ROTJ Fett chest/back armor? AND blaster scope question

    As the title says: any recommendations for "close enough" spray can color(s) for the abdominal and backplate ROTJ Fett armor? What I have now is a little too light of a shade. ALONG THOSE LINES: is there a relatively inexpensive "close enough" ROTJ EE3 scope or replica? The ones I see for...
  7. Jesusfreak1101

    Floppy Armor

    I am building some mando armor of my own design for a fan film. Because it's for a fan film, it needs to be sturdy enough for the actor to run around and do choreography in it without it flopping around too much. The problem is, though, it plops around.... a lot. How can I get around this? I...
  8. Jesusfreak1101

    Making EVA foam armor

    I am trying to make bounty hunter armor for a fan film. I am using EVA foam and want to attach it to a cloth shirt. How would I go about doing that? I am also making a jetpack. How would I make it secure enough to not wobble around while the actor is running?
  9. DP54

    Question: Full Metal Armor

    I’m trying to find someone or somewhere to CNC mill me an entire set of boba armor, any recommendations or price quotes?
  10. NegativeEleven

    RS Armor material

    I'm curious if anyone knows what material RS Prop Masters uses to make most of their ROTJ Boba Fett. The stormtrooper they sell is offered in PVC and ABS. I don't know that I've ever seen PVC vac-formed. Is that what this is? I do a little vac-forming myself, and I know this armor isn't like...