1. cp60520

    Armorer Build Work in Progress

    I'm about halfway through a casual Armorer costume build and I thought I'd share my progress. This costume is meant to be a casual build for my wife for convention wear, but I still want to make things as "right" as I can. I started with the armor pattern from SionnachStudios and knocked it...
  2. D

    Imperial Medic

    Does anyone know where I could go to have a costume made? Obviously, I’d pay. I’m located in Southern California and I’m looking for someone to either build for me or help me build a costume so I can cosplay for Star Wars Celebration in London during Easter, 2023. I’m a RN, so I would like to be...
  3. ParZival

    What free or paid model do you guys think is the most accurate to the helmet in the show?

    Hey, y'all! I just started my Boba Fett cosplay project and was wondering what you guys think is the most screen-accurate model out there. I really want this one to look good. Thanks!
  4. LupineSojourner

    I need a Little Help...

    So I'm trying to build a cosplay of a Mandalorian OC I want to bring to Tik Tok. I have a soft PVC (I believe) Mandalorian Helmet I was hoping to shape and paint so I can use it. BUT. I only have a hair dryer currently. I may be about to borrow a heat gun if needed, but my question is this. Are...
  5. N

    Montross (Open Seasons)

    What’s up boys and girls? My name is Nick and I’m new to this forum. I was recommended to come here by my good friend (he may be on here, but he’s @mythos_fenn_shysa on IG). So as you can see I am putting together two different pieces of one of my favorite characters (and somebody I’ve always...
  6. griffmcnifftiff

    Beskar backplate?

    Does anybody know what the Mando’s backplate (from the Beskar version) looks like? Can’t find any reference pictures. Thanks :)
  7. R3leasethedrago

    Searching for mandalorian costume

    Hello! I'm just trying to find a general idea for costs on creating a full mandalorian cosplay. Being as I have no artistic ability, I'm looking to pay someone to create a costume for me. I'm small, only 5'1 and can discuss measurements upon requests. I've been waiting YEARS to get a personally...
  8. M

    Han Solo costume

    Well, find a Han solo costume seems good. Is there any costume better than this one I found? And did someone bought costume from Any suggestion?
  9. T

    Speaker and mic system for a custom built helmet

    I am looking for ideas and help to work on a speaker and mic system for a custom Mandalorian helmet I am working on. I know the systen will need a power source. I am on a bit of a budget and I would like to know what components I will need, where is the best place to find them, and how much it...