Found hose connectors


Look what I found . As far as I can tell ( again I'm no expert ) from the pics on the other thread this set up is pretty close . With some primer and aluminum paint and some fine misting with black or rust for weathering they should look close . These are 1'4" . I have a 1/4" threaded rod to run through the center which the hose will be slipped onto .I'll thread the back end into the gaunt and secure with a lock nut . A question for the pros .......... what does the second fitting ( the lower one on the right gaunt just under the seam where the 2 halves meet ) go into . On the pics I've seen it looks like a tube or dowel ??? I have a Ruffkins set up and 2 other sets of gauntlets and niether have this tube . What is it and what do i use to make it ? I would like to attach these connectors soon .


HoseFitting 1.jpg

Any opinions lately on whether the above set up is good or not?
I'm getting ready to do a set of ROTJ gauntlets, and I'm looking to get some accurate looking hardware to finish them off.
they look SENSATIONAL dude, certainly way cool enough to use for gauntlets.

Just coz they're not resin casts from someone else doesn't mean they're not right........
To paraphrase O-WK....."Use the connectors, Luuuuuu-uuke"
I agree, they look real nice!

I just grabbed a pvc pipe for the barrel, as indeed it misses from the kit. But a pvc pipe is way to big actually, but when painted right it doesn't really show.
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