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Hello All Dented Helmet!
This is def open for discussion….
Well let me start off by saying I usually don’t do great with long write ups. Ord Mantell and I spoke so I decided to do a little write up. I’m going to give it a go for this particular part.
So something has always bothered me about the collar studs that are out there. I’m not a huge fan of the metal ones because of possibly scratching my armor and the resin ones seem to be like the way to go but I never thought thought the shape was just quite right. That said, I decided to do some research on these pesky lil devils.
I started looking at several Adler adding machines with no luck. Nothing added up (pun intended) lol .
I probably bought about 2 with no luck. I ended up settling on the final adding machine that I think has a strong case for the appropriate keys. Again, I could be wrong but I think the case is there.
Here are the findings….
Machine purchased was a Royal 242PD by the Litton


installed on my fett.

here is a comparison created by Ord Mantell and like we discussed, I think there is a strong argument for being darn close.

here are some additional photos.

Again : this is open for discussion. I wanna end by saying that I love this community and I appreciate every relationship I have gained from this community. I have made some great friends from this hobby and look forward to continue to talk to everyone. There are a few member here that I can say have became great friends and im grateful.

happy hunting


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