ROTJ Gauntlet Hose and Connector Sizes

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Hey everyone!

So I've been slowly 3D printing pieces for my Boba costume and am currently on the gauntlets. Unfortunately, I've realized I don't have "proper" models for the right gauntlet hose connectors.

I just so happened to find a McMaster-Carr catalog at my work yesterday, and noticed they have CAD models of their parts (which can be converted to STL). It looks like other manufacturers do this too.

I found a couple threads from here regarding the sizes of the parts:

This seems to be the reference image for the connectors:


To summarize what I've read, the coupler is 1/4" and the flare nut is 3/8". I would think the rod itself is 1/4". However, I found a post by Peregrinus that seems to suggest the coupler and rod are 1/8", and the flare nut might be 1/4":

As far as the hose, I've heard 3/8" and 5/8", but according to RafalFett it's an 8mm ID with a 14mm OD:

That being said, I've been playing around with modeling the parts and it feels like something doesn't add up. Here's a pic of my WIP:


If anyone can help verify the measurements, I'd really appreciate it! I'll also share my finished STL so others can print them.


Bob A Feet

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Thanks RafalFett! Most places I looked showed 0.25" as the rod diameter, so I redid my model based on that. I did my best to measure, but in the end a lot of it was just based on what "looked right". You can easily scale it to whatever you want using 0.25" as the base measurement.

I might tweak it once I decide on the rod diameter and hose ID I end up using, but I think it looks pretty good! STL File is attached.

ROTJ Hose Connector.png


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