Finished SGB HS vest, jumpsuit WIP


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Hey all, long time no post. I wanted to post a progress photo of my HS Fett. This is primarily showing the completed HS vest, as custom made for me by SGB. It's also showing the re-sewn arms on the jumpsuit I bought. I wanted them to be slimmer, more form fitting, to be accurate with the Holiday Special. I have them exactly where I want - not skin tight, but tight.

The photo also shows the chest armor attached to the vest along witht the shoulder bells. It also shows my HS girthbelt, codpiece, and "completed" left gauntlet. The gauntlets are Ruffkintoy gauntlets.

Enjoy... Friends..... :p

Mind you the colors are kind of washed out in the camera flash. They are much darker and much richer, and the weathering on the soft goods is actually a lot more noticeable.
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