TheLavaMelon's budget build (WIP)


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I read that you were going to be fixing the costume up post-dance? Are you planning to upgrade even more? If so, whats on the horizon?
Your belt looks a little narrow and I'd open open up the barrel of your blaster.
The main thing I want to do, is redo the flak vest and use the proper armor attachment method. The velcro allows the armor to flap around and it's super easy to slap it off if you're not careful.

I'm not happy with any of the soft parts that I made, except for the ammo pouches. The girth belt, ammo belt, and flak vest/neck seal will all be redone eventually. The blaster will likely be replaced as well.

I also plan on re-painting the armor and helmet, but that is something I will need to work up to. I need to learn how to use an airbrush and either order or learn how to mix paints.

All that said, the costume was a hit!
Please make sure you get pictures of the group from the party too.
Happy to provide!

Here's the whole group:
Top row: Dark Rey, Boba (me), Darth Vader, Lando (I here that he just liked the cape), Emperor Palpatine, Han, Leia, Rey, Padme (decoy), and two people from Pride and Prejudice (I guess).
Middle row: C-3PO, Padme, Padme, Jyn Erso, Luke
Bottom row: Baby Yoda, Kyle Katarn (at your service...), BB-8, R2-D2
Total: 18 Star Wars characters!

Unfortunately, Baby Yoda was turned around for the best photo. Here he his with BB-8:
Both of them won their respective costume contests, under 13 boys/girls.

There was also a group contest, but we lost to the Scooby-Doo Gang. (We would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids...)

I didn't see this, but I'm glad photos exist:
PXL_20201016_003655534.jpg PXL_20201016_003657164.jpg

And a couple of action shots:
PXL_20201016_005045956.jpg PXL_20201016_003558960.jpg

Oh, and there was another Mandolorian:
PXL_20201016_002744198.jpg PXL_20201016_002804988.jpg

Overall I am very pleased with how the costume worked out. I only had a couple of malfunctions. One of the girth belt buckles tore off, and somebody I danced with slapped off my collar armor. I wish I could do more swing moves, but that's the price I pay for such a cool costume. At least I can waltz!

Thank you all for your help. It is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
- TheLavaMelon


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That's really cool! Glad to hear all worked out well and the pics are great!

If you're looking for a write up, on how I did my Grommet/Armor Method, feel free to check out my WIP thread. I've been told that my write up on installing the grommets was helpful. (Word of caution though - my WIP thread is getting lengthy ;))
My WIP Link:

For soft parts...if you're looking to DIY those pieces from scratch. I do believe that Strider made all his from scratch. (He's got a WIP too).
Strider's WIP link is:



TheLavaMelon, I've been following your build from the beginning when you posed the question about whether or not it was possible. I just started my ESB build in August and I have to say that I'm impressed and inspired by what you were able to learn and pull off from square one less than a month ago until last night. This whole build process is way more involved, daunting and costly than I ever imagined but I'm in it for the long haul and look forward to seeing your upgrades down the road. Thanks for sharing!


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That's what happens. When I found the TDH I scraped most of 1993 scracth build. I started all over, just keeping a few parts. It is never done.


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Great stuff here TheLavaMelon - I have seen similar posts from people asking exactly what you did and after receiving input they flake out, realizing it might be more than they could take on.

You did the opposite, took on the challenge, pushed yourself and took the input and kindness of this community and applied it in a very short period of time. The results are great for A. What you needed the costume for and B. The amount of time that you had to bring something together!

Hopefully you learned a few things about the costume, about this community and about yourself and your capabilities! Stick around and build upon what you’re done!

Also, my 2 cents: you can rattlecan armor! I started this project not knowing how to use an airbrush, and rattlecanned pretty much everything! “You can dooooo it”


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Whereas I used only a few rattlecans on some things but 95% of my build was done with an airbrush. Me, having ZERO time on an airbrush, got it in June as part of a Fathers day gift. Since then I learned quite quickly how to use it. Additionally I have zero art training, but found I have a creative side doing chalk artwork. (See my WIP for more details on the chalk) but I found it wasn't that hard to use the airbrush. I find that I have WAY more control over the amount of paint thrown onto an object than rattlecans. Just ones opinion.