Elstree Precision Co Ltd Hero Metal Ears Project


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Holy... Now that is commitment done at higher levels! Well done sirs!
Thanks for all of your help Levi! Couldn't have done it without you.
Thanks, Steven, but you are the man behind this project (and the borden connector) and these would have never existed without your involvement. I admire your determination, courage and faith!
Elstree and yourself certainly have created something rather special with these projects...
I just wanted to chime in here...
Congratulations on a project well done.
Thanks for your help Andy...
I know what Mr. Wolf would say right now.

"Well, let's not start sucking each other's dUcks quite yet"


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Updates from John today:

Full build of production ears with correct micro switch bolts now fitted. The hardware components aim at being the correct length, type and thread for the screen used ESB hero helmet. Thus the top screw is nylon on the right upper ear.



Dragomir (the original maker of the Boba Fett metal ears and gauntlet rocket) at work next to the Supertrooper lid I painted:


John Haigh, the man behind this project hard at work!


More to come soon.