Elstree Precision Co Ltd Hero Metal Ears Project

It looks great, Steven! The only downside is the ESB style right upper ear platform, where the front section is not on level with the lower ear platform.

I believe you because you're one of the best there is when it comes to finding details. Can you post up a comparison for us to see? Dentless Supertrooper original?
Ok, I took a better look to your photos and noticed that the back of the upper right ear platform is not that raised as you can see on the ESB helmet. Disregard my last post, but because I already started to answer to your question, I will leave it here intact:

Because the ESB helmet right upper ear platform is not on level with the lower platform, the upper ear is not parallel with the lower ear:

The back of the platform is thicker than the front section and this makes the upper ear to look shifted (uncentered) in relation to the lower ear:
ESB Right Ear Platforms.png

This feature looks to be present only on the ESB helmet, as the other helmets have the ear platform lined up pretty well, more exactly the lines of the upper ear are parallel to the lines of the lower ear.

Supertrooper Helmet.png

Pre-Pro #1:
PP1 Helmet Right Ear.png

Pre-Pro #2:

Pre-Pro #3:

ESB Promo #1 (ROTJ):

ESB Promo #2 (Sandy):
Sandy Helmet.png
John has been wrapping up the ears run and is in the home stretch! They are gorgeous - the work of a true craftsman and artist.

The ears are awaiting serial numbering and a final cleaning.

The blueprints will be signed by both John and Dragomir - the original owner of Elstree Precision, maker of the original Boba Fett metal ears and components.

Serial numbered display cases will also be made available.

More to follow soon.


Thanks everyone,
Steven and John






Thanks, Steven, but you are the man behind this project (and the borden connector) and these would have never existed without your involvement. I admire your determination, courage and faith!
Elstree and yourself certainly have created something rather special with these projects. As Fett pieces go these ears and the drawings with all their provenance will in time be a sort after collector's piece because of the limited run. They will only appreciate in value imo.
I just wanted to chime in here. I appreciate you taking this project on. Even though I’m not receiving a pair of these ears, which I think is a really cool project.
Ears from the same maker as the original IS pretty dang cool. I would say for me it would definitely add a great deal of nostalgia that Is just dang neat to think about. I love old **** personally, it’s just adds a awesome cool factor to whichever helmets these end up on.
Nice job managing through this. Look forward too seeing them arrive in the states.
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