Custom Mando Helmet, give me feedback!

Hey guys, I finished this thing when I went home for winter break but I just now got the pics. Its a cheap Rubies Jango that I changed up a bit. All I used was different colors of spray paint, but I think it turned out pretty well. I finished it in 3 hours or so, it was just a fun project, not really meant for costuming or anything. Regardless, I'd love to hear how I could improve it in any way. All I have left to do is swap out the T visor......Lets hear your opinions! Thanks

fett1 (2).jpg

fett2 (2).jpg

Thanks! I actually saw your helmet a while back and liked the idea. Thats where the design I just posted came from.....haha so I guess you were my "inspiration" if it means anything to you :)
I wish I could say there was a set of armor to go with it....I tossed around the idea but I havent gotten to it yet. I make do something before Halloween though. Whats a good set of cheap armor I could get that would still look decent. Im talking just for Halloween or something, not to show off at a con.
theres some really good templates that are based off of height i used em to d othe trash can method and mine turned out pretty good
Yep I agree with everyone.. its a nice looking bucket. The blood idea is cool. If you want some realistic looking blood try using Tamiya red.

just thought id say very nice bucket but blood turns brown ater a while but other than that frackin sweet man

Haha its not real blood man.....I considered that option and thought the same thing, it would turn brown after a while. Its just red spray paint that I sprayed onto my hands then flicked onto the helmet.
Cool helmet! Love the blood and weathering job on it, great work(y)

Shuby's is a great palce, and I've considered buying my own armor from him. A friends over at CT.N sent me some pics of his armor that he got from Shuby, and it's absolutly fantastic!
Hey man, loooks very nice. Its original paint scheme gives it that modern military feel. The blood splatter is a very cool add as well. Very well done helmt!

Before I made the move to make my own Armour I did think about getting some from here, might be worth a look for you.....

Good Luck...

Schubys armor is a little bad for the price but i highly recommend using a trash can. I went to buy armor off of fett props, for $180 usd and he sent me schubys. here is a like to my thread, theres pics

The neck piece will be very small and not bent right, the back will be small. the shoulders are not the right shape or size, and the cod is way too small for an adult! WOF templates are the best! i have made a few suits of armor using them.
It really looks pretty good. Alot better than my first attempt on a Rubies. I just tried and paint it and didn't even bother to try and do any weathering on my first try. I always thought that the red-oxide primer looks like dried blood. That's if every critter in the universe has the same colored blood however...;)

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