Cheng's Boba boots vs. CA & JW


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OK, I have a pair of Cheng's boots which were, at the time, the best available. But now that I'm trying to reimmerse myself in the hobby, I see a lot of threads about CA and JW boots. I'm guessting they have supplanted Cheng as the boot of choice?

My question is - how does Cheng's boot stack up against CA or JW?


Well, I know there will be people who disagree with me here but I've seen the others in person and I wasn't as impressed as I was with my Cheng boots. I'll take those over the rest any day!
I have also owned a pair of Cheng's boots. Great construction, great fit (felt like houseshoes!).

I currently own a pair of JW boots. Sizewise, they're a bit tighter, but very solid construction. The only thing I don't like is the mis-matched sole. There's a layered piece of sole that appears to sit awkwardly on top of the main sole, and sports a lack of attention to detail on the part of the bootmaker. I'll probably be able to correct most of it with sanding.


I cannot speak for the accuracy of either of these, as I haven't done enough research. There are some boot gurus on the board who can better point out the accuracy pros and cons.

Either way, I've been satisfied with both pairs. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with either one.

As for the CA Boots, they are much cheaper (and at this time, the only ones readily available), but there are some noticeable accuracy issues, even to the average Fett costumer. However, I have seen some outstanding CA Boot 'makeovers'.

DISCLAIMER: Members that are able to acquire the MC or JW boots need to remember and understand that neither Mark nor Wes actually 'made' the boots, but rather thet were the contacts and project managers, so to speak. Any commentary on the shortcomings of the boot construction are NOT directed at these fine folks, but rather at the those who actually put the boots together. I know for a fact that JW went through hell in both time and money to make sure his orders were completed (including a trip cross country to pay extra to get the remaining orders). From what I understand, MC had some of the same issues with his boot-maker as well.


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I myself own a pair of CAboots. There are many innaccuracies, but they get the job done, and have a lot of potential. Also, they are the ONLY one's available. Well, that and Star Fortress. But NO ONE likes Star Fortress.
I have a pair of the JW boots and love them I have seen the CA boots up close and in person and the MC ones in person. I think the MC are a great boot, well made, from what I hear very comfy, the JW are also great, mine don't have the same problem as the one pictured above, mine came perfect. After a while I noticed that part of my sole in one of them is peeling up, not a big deal just a pain. The CA boots fill the slot of the bottom of the barrel, but they are cheaper then the others were and as stated easy to get. If you have the MC boots I would stick with those.
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